The US$50,000/night experience with world’s first undersea villa

Travel in style is the phrase that has been used by many fashionable jet setters. There is no better way to showcase its true essence till I met – The Muraka – The world’s first elite residence with an undersea suite nestled 16 feet below the Indian Ocean.  Forget about the over-the-water bungalow, it’s about time to reprioritize your bucket list.

At the Muraka I slept with the sharks at night, and enjoyed breath taking panoramic view across the horizon during the day. I couldn’t pin point which was the most remarkable moment during my stay with the Muraka at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort last month, from seeing a sea turtle cruising pass my shower room window undersea, to watching an incredible sun rise from my bed with a cup of coffee prepared by my own personal butler, to enjoying a Maldivian dinner on the deck prepared by the private chef while watching the full moon, I have enjoyed every moment at this paradise.

From US$50,000 per night, The Muraka is tucked away from the two main Conrad islands so guests will have completely privacy from the moment they land on their own private seaplane jetty. The residence has its own security team, a butler that resides at the butler’s quarter, and a private jet boat that services the guests around the clock.

The Muraka is unqiue to all the other Maldivian experiences. The residence features modern and stylish décor as well as the most luxurious amenities. When I wasn’t in the private gym or infinity pool, I was relaxing in on the deck while the mixologist prepared a signature drink or asking up the infinite views in the ocean-facing stone bathtub. 

The undersea suite is connected to the upper level by a spiral staircase and a lift that goes straight down to 16 feet under the Indian ocean, where I slept alongside with the fishes and the colourful beds of corals under a curved acrylic dome. The architect even thoughtful installed electrical blinds to cover the whole acrylic dome for those who doesn’t rise with the sun. 

Nothing is impossible at the Muraka, each itinerary is personal tailored to the guests. You can even have your favorite Conrad sushi chef flown in from Tokyo to prepare an Omekase right on site at the Muraka during your stay. What more could you ask for in life? 

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