Celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Woo releases new skincare line

A pandemic is probably enough to dissuade even the most experienced entrepreneur from launching a new business, but not Dr. Woo.

This 38-year old tattoo artist, who boasts a client roster including Justin Bieber, Drake and David Beckham, has just released his own skincare line — WOO Skin Essentials. Tapping into his tattoo expertise and his own experience as someone with sensitive skin, Dr. Woo’s new eponymous skincare line is for everyone – inked or not.


WOO Skin Essentials is a part of Dr. Woo’s PROJECTWOO, branded as the “purveyor of quality goods from the curious mind of Dr. Woo.” WOO’s latest product lineup includes the Dr. Woo signature After/Care Set and the Gentle Hand Sanitizer. Carefully crafted to deliver immediate relief to irritated skin, the After/Care Set includes a lightweight moisturiser made from shea butter, vitamin E, sesame seed oil and chamomile — all ingredients that promote skin healing with calming effects.

The sleekly packaged set also houses a bar soap which pairs coconut oil with glycerin for a lather gentle on the skin. Lastly, an opportune release in the time of COVID-19, the peppermint-scented Gentle Hand Sanitizer contains 70% ethyl alcohol and can destroy 99% of common germs within 15 seconds.

“Caring about creating quality in my art, and merging my life’s work with my lifestyle, this skincare project is something close to my heart. Beyond just tattoo aftercare, it’s life care and creating a clean, sustainable product that speaks to me, and I know will speak to others with sensitive skin.”

Dr. Woo, founder of PROJECTWOO

While it is clear that clean skincare and environmental sustainability constitute the pillars of PROJECTWOO, philanthropy is also in the brand’s DNA. Back in March when the world began to witness the effects of COVID-19, WOO pivoted its very first product launch of their Daily Gentle Soap Set to help the community and donated 100 percent of its profits to Baby2Baby. Sales of WOO’s inaugural product raised over US$278,000, allowing the non-profit to provide up to 2.7 million diapers and other essential daily products for families most affected by the pandemic. 

This November, WOO is expected to release their Everyday Face & Body Sun Shield SPF 30 — preorder now or shop the rest of the WOO Skincare Essentials on the PROJECTWOO Webstore. If you’re a fan of his ink, you can also receive special access to Dr. Woo’s exclusive artwork collection by signing up here.

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