Rosewood unveils its brand film: ‘A Sense of Place’

Anyone who’s ever stayed at the Rosewood will know that it’s much more than just a hotel. Rosewood Hotels & Resorts’ ‘A Sense of Place’ philosophy means that the distinctive ethos of each destination is woven into the identity of its respective property. Now, the luxury hospitality group has released a brand film that celebrates just that – highlighting the vibrant characteristics of the communities that make up the brand’s global footprint to inspire meaningful travel and togetherness.

Photo: @rosewoodhotels/ Instagram

Born from the hospitality group’s guiding philosophy of embodying locality and culture, the film celebrates the fullness of its locations’ history, culture, community, and geography, giving it a fresh look designed to reach the explorers of today.

The film itself is directed by Pascal Dangin, a digital artist most notable for retouching fashion photographs, and is designed to speak to the soul of the traveler while igniting the pursuit of crafted experiences. Watch the film below to get a sense of what it’s like to be welcomed inside the world of Rosewood and a realm of limitless inspiration:

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