Reconnecting With Nature in Spectacular Fashion

Enjoy snorkelling in the lagoon at Misool Eco Resort

​Misool eco resort is paradise found, under the sea as well as above it. Set on a private island amid a pristine marine ecosystem in the southern region of Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia, the remote haven is fringed with powdery white-sand beaches and blue lagoons, nestled in a vast archipelago of uninhabited islands.

Widely considered the richest and most bio-diverse region in the world, the no-take zone surrounding Misool is a protected area encompassing 1,200 square kilometres. The island once hosted a shark-finning camp.

Thankfully those days are long gone and the island now boasts eight cottages rising from the water on stilts, and nine villas. Built entirely of reused tropical hardwood, the cottages are designed to be comfortable, private and sustainable.

The thatched water cottages have a hammock built into the veranda, which makes a lazy afternoon with a good book just a little bit more enjoyable.

For additional privacy, opt for villa number five. The stairs from the veranda lead down into the lagoon, and with a few fin kicks you’ll find yourself at the edge of a reef that reaches around the island. Here you’ll find sea turtles and blacktip reef sharks on patrol.

The glorious view from Villa No. 5, where blacktip sharks patrol the reef

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