Off the grid: Hong Kong hikes that are worth the trek

With Hong Kong experiencing its fourth wave of Covid-19, there’s no better time to go far, far away from the crowds and explore some of Hong Kong’s most far-flung hikes. Below, we’ve rounded up several of the territory’s best hiking trails to get you out of the city:

Tiger Head 

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Duration: 4.5hours
Distance: 10km 

Forget Sunset Peak and Lantau Peak, Lo Fu Tau, or “Tiger’s Head” in English, is dubbed “Lantau’s finest hike.” Perched 465m above sea level, the summit is marked by the eponymous Tiger’s Head, which boasts panoramic views of Discovery Bay, Peng Chau, Disneyland, North Lantau Island and even as far as downtown Central on a clear day.

This intermediate hike begins at Pak Ngan Heung Village, an easy walk from Mui Wo ferry pier. Past Silvermine Cave and A Po Long, you’ll hit the Lo Fu Tau Country Trail, where boulders of peculiar shapes like “Peach Stone”, “Strange Duck Stone” and “Sword Testing Stone” await. Once you’ve arrived at Tiger’s Head, it’s a gentle downhill trek that leads to Discovery Bay’s North Plaza – perfect for a post-hike refuel!

Mui Wo to Pui O 

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Duration: 3 hours
Distance: 8km 

For beach bums who want to get a workout in, this gorgeous hike makes it worthwhile with spectacular vistas along the way and a final stop on the secluded Pui O Beach. From Mui Wo ferry pier, the start of the hike is clearly marked with a sign pointing to Section 12 of Lantau Trail. To start with, the first 2km is a leisurely walk along the coastline of Lantau Island, followed by a shaded dirt trail offering scenic views.

After the first section, follow the signs to Pui O and keep going on the cemented path until you see a natural path on your left leading to a barbecue site. From there, get ready for the upcoming 1km incline to Tai Ngau Wu Peak, the highest point on the entire trail. Once at the peak, the descent begins with sneak peeks of the beautiful Pui O Beach on the right. Once your feet are in the sand, roll out your towels and chill out, or grab a table at Treasure Island located right on the beach for the best sunset views.

Tung Lung Chau 

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Duration: 3 hours
Distance: 6.3km 

Situated on the tip of Clearwater Bay, Tung Lung Chau makes for an adventurous day trip. One of the lesser-known outlying islands in Hong Kong, it’s synonymous with hiking, rock climbing and camping. You can reach the island via a small boat called kaito from Sai Wan Ho on the Hong Kong Island side or Sam Ka Tsuen on the Kowloon side. The best way to explore the island is through a hike, which begins from either of the ferry piers on the island.

While most of the trail is not covered, the best time to start the hike is early in the morning, so you can beat the heat and end up at one of the local restaurants for lunch. Whichever pier to start from, the trail will take you to the highest point on the island, Nam Tong Peak. While outdoor lovers visit Tung Lung Chau for its natural attractions, history buffs are in for a treat with historic sites like Tung Lung Fort and ancient rock carving. 

Po Toi 

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Duration: 4 hours
Distance: 5km 

When it comes to off-the-beaten-path hiking trails in Hong Kong, it’s impossible to not mention Po Toi. Reachable only from Aberdeen or Stanley via ferry, the southernmost island is somewhat difficult to get to but it’s worth the trip if you have a full day to spare. One of the highlights of the trail is the Nam Kok Tsui Lighthouse, which is 1.5km from the Po Toi pier.

The sunset views from here are not only Instagram-worthy but also a sight to behold. The flat ground next to the lighthouse is the best spot for camping – we often hear campers raving about the magical starry sky at night. The island is also known for its strange-looking rock formations, so you won’t have a hard time looking for photo opps.

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