Five Best Luxury Boot Camps From Around the World

The Ranch Live Oak Malibu

The Ranch Live Oak Malibu, United States

Dedicated to helping you overcome physical and mental obstacles with a positive attitude, this retreat focuses on maintaining a balance of fitness and mental wellness.

The all inclusive resort attracts celebrities and guests around the world, all who follow a strict regime of daily hikes around the Santa Monica mountains, as well as fitness and wellness trainings aimed to stimulate metabolism and detoxify the body. Spirits are not to be dampened by the tough hike as one contemplates the expansive natural scenery along the way. The night starts with an hour-long massage treatment, followed by a delicious and equally stunning dinner rid of refined and processed foods that is sure to end your day with a satisfied belly.

Mesa Stila

Mesa Stila, Central Java, Indonesia

Located among a lush coffee plantation in Central Java, Mesa Stila offers a marriage between hotel resort and wellness retreat for a laid back atmosphere.

All retreats include daily massages and a session of fitness and wellness activities supervised by master trainers. Highlights of the retreat includes Jamu and Turkish Hammam steam-bath that is made to cleanse the body of toxins both physically and spiritually. Spa programs also incorporate the use of local Javanese products and rituals, leaving you rejuvenated and refreshed. Guests can also enjoy the exotic flavours of Central Java expertly prepared by award winning executive chef, Darren Lauder. For an unparalleled experience, join local rice farmers for an opportunity to be involved in the community.


Swaswara, India

Located on the fabled Om Beach, Swaswara provides a peaceful retreat for meditation, empowering one to know the God within oneself.

Here at Swaswara, mornings start at 6:30 with Hatha yoga and meditation, while other programs such as Tratak and Pranayama sessions will help calm the mind and find inner peace, while the Panchakarma detox is a series of five Ayurvedic treatments, aimed to create a balance in the body by using the properties of the five elements. Meals are prepared using only naturally grown and ripened foods that enhances one’s vital energy. Guests can visit the farmer’s market on Thursdays as a delightful way to be more involved in the creation of your meal.

Aro Hā (Credit: C. Stoddart)

Aro Hā, New Zealand

Taking a tour down south, Aro Hā is the perfect fitness retreat option for the hot blooded, promoting an active lifestyle that eliminates toxins from the body and enhances healing.

Guests engage in an intense schedule of energising yoga in the morning, followed by a hike and strength training classes guided by instructors. The luxury retreat boasts an abundance of facilities such as infrared saunas and plunge pools overlooking the gorgeous view of Lake Wakatipu and the Southern Alps, with top notch masseurs to soothe those sore muscles after a long day. The strict vegetarian-paleo menu allows guests to experience an explosion of the food’s natural flavours through mindful eating.


Gwinganna, Queensland, Australia

For those looking for a less intense retreat, Gwinganna provides yet another option for a relaxing getaway, specialising in detox, nutrition, and women’s health. Here, the staff and instructors aims to foster wellness, energy and calmness within us.

Choosing between different programs, Gwinganna caters all, restoring energy and vitality within the body through an array of yin and yang sports such as tennis, aqua workouts, and qigong. Certified with Ecotourism, Gwinganna is proud of its efforts in conserving resources, only using organic products in their Spa Sanctuary. Meals are also made from ingredients harvested from their onsite organic gardens and orchards, with a wide selection of vegetarian, chicken, red meat and seafood options.

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