A First Look at The 13, The World’s Most Luxurious Hotel Ever Built

The 13 is set to become one of the most luxurious hotels ever built, with a scheduled opening date in late summer 2016 at a cost of over US$7 million per room.

First images of the breath-taking hotel in Macau was released yesterday, featuring the “Villa du Comte”, the hotel’s entry-level accomodations. The room features elaborately detailed Baroque scrollwork, bespoke sculptures, fabrics, tableware and furniture that are all created by the hotel’s team of designers.

Of the hotel’s 200 villas, most of the The 13’s rooms are set to be in the style of the split-level, one-bedroom “Villa du Comte”. Inside the 2,000 square feet room, guests will find a private elevator lobby, a huge roman bath with neo-classical columns that could fit up to eight guests, and a royal bedroom fit for a king. Luxury is not complete without the experience, and guests who stay at The 13 will also be treated to 24-hour butler service and transportation via The 13’s fleet of bespoke, red, extended wheel base Rolls-Royce Phantoms.

“This was a labour of love,” said Stephen Hung, co-chairman of Louis XIII Holdings who owns the extravagant hotel. “The team and I put every ounce of creativity and passion we had into this project to ensure every detail was perfect.”

“Macau will be establishing a new world standard for ultra-luxury hotels through its native brand, The 13,” he added.

More information can be found on www.the13.com.

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