Exclusive: Aiko Narissara Yeung and Christoffer Cheng explore the Rosewood Bangkok

Aiko Narissara Yeung (@aikonari.art) at Rosewood Bangkok

The Bangkok skyline got a new addition this year and it goes by the name of Rosewood. Inspired by the wai – the Thai gesture of hands pressed together in greeting – the exterior of the mirrored structure is made up of two quadrilaterals connected in the middle and is quite an interesting sight to behold. We sent two of our favourite travel influencers to the brand-new property for them to give us their thoughts and (of course) some #igtravel shots.

Aiko Narissara Yeung @aikonari.art

With 28 properties globally, Rosewood is one of the most convenient hotel locations I’ve ever experienced in all my years of travel. Living up to its “A Sense of Place” philosophy, I have noticed all the Rosewood hotels truly respect local cultures, varying in each city, by implementing the local culture within their complete hotel guest experience.

Even down to the minuscule details of the decor, there’s a feeling that a tremendous amount of effort was placed into the interior design at Rosewood Bangkok. The room atmosphere is a bit more relaxed, in contrast with the rest of the hotel, which allowed me to feel right at home while also embracing Thai culture at the same time.

Aiko Narissara Yeung (@aikonari.art) at Rosewood Bangkok

A surprising highlight during my stay was the rooftop bar. It’s so unique in appearance. Along with the great music, I would officially place it high on my list of must-go places throughout the city. Not to mention the cocktails, which are delicious – and being half-Thai myself, I can honestly say the food was rich with authentic flavours, exciting every single one of my taste buds.

Christoffer Cheng @curiouschristoffer

Christoffer Cheng (@curiouschristoffer) at Rosewood Bangkok

As much as I’ve heard about Rosewood Hotels, I was a total virgin until my first visit to the newly opened Rosewood Bangkok. I arrived in the city on a late flight, but check-in was seamless. I settled in my room and got changed into the personalised pyjamas that were waiting for me on the bed. The Rosewood hotels are famous for extracting local elements and combining them with luxurious and artistic design, plus intricate attention to detail. The room features a walk-in closet space (yes!), a lounging area, a white-and-gold marble bathroom where you can bathe with an open view of the city – and let’s not forget the Dyson hairdryer! Everything felt harmonious, just like home.

We all know a tasteful hotel isn’t complete without a tasteful bar! I’m in love with the Lennon’s bar on the top floor of the hotel. The interiors are inspired by old vinyl record shops and it features a vinyl record DJ booth, open sky views through the slanted glass ceiling and a spiralling staircase that leads to the cigar room. Of course, I also enjoyed the Chinese restaurant Nan Bei and G&O, the organic vegan restaurant.

I’d have to say that I’m quite impressed with my first Rosewood experience; in fact, I’m starting to plan visits to check out all the other Rosewood properties. Come say hi if you bump into me at one of them!

Christoffer Cheng (@curiouschristoffer) at Rosewood Bangkok

This feature originally appeared in #legend’s Nov/Dec 2019 print issue

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