A Digital Detox at Alila Villas Soori is What We All Need

Before you decide what you’ll be Instagramming on your next escape to Bali, think again. The Alila Villas Soori resort will be hosting what it calls a Digital Detox Retreat next month to help its guests learn to employ technology in a healthier way. Life coach Lyndall Mitchell, founder of Aurora Spas in Australia, will be on hand to guide you into digital nirvana by identifying your daily drainers, learning to build a technology wheel of balance and building a sustainable digital relationship. If all these thoughts about unplugging sound stressful, worry not, for the Alila Villas Soori resort’s serene surroundings and spa pampering will leave you wishing you never had to reconnect. The retreat takes place from June 17 to 19.  alilahotels.com/soori

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