A luxury yacht for off-grid adventures

Wellness travel guru Vivienne Tang (@VivienneTang), the founder of Destination Deluxe, indulges in a six-day adventure on the Sequoia luxury yacht as she journeys through the remote paradise of Raja Ampat 

Go where the Wi-Fi is weak; that’s my new travel motto. And you can’t do much better than Raja Ampat in Indonesia, which I recently experienced aboard the ultra-luxurious 26-metre Sequoia yacht by Coral Triangle Safaris. The largest part of Raja Ampat is protected, making it an underwater paradise. Discover lost islands, swim amongst the soft coral and immerse yourself in the most biodiverse ocean on the planet.

Rather than staying at one secluded resort, tailor your adventure and head off the beaten path. Dine and sleep under the stars, and broaden your horizon each day by waking up at a new dive and snorkel spot with untouched beaches and hidden lagoons.

Aboard Sequoia, there are 10 professional crew members who wait on you hand and foot, including chefs, dive instructors and a massage therapist who will pamper you into oblivion on a daily basis. And with just two deluxe suites, it’s perfect to charter with a pair of couples or friends who love to share.

The yacht explores the coral triangle and offers itineraries in Komodo, East Flores/Wakatobi, Kaimana/Banda Islands, and Raja Ampat. There might 
be no internet where you’re heading, but you’ll find an even better connection.

Find out more at coraltrianglesafaris.com

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