Aman sibling Janu unveils its inaugural hotel in Tokyo

Janu, meaning ‘soul’ in Sanskrit, opened its inaugural hotel in Tokyo, marking the inception of a robust and expanding pipeline of 12 properties

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Reshaping the luxury hospitality landscape, Janu draws from the legacy of its revered sibling, Aman, while charting its own unique course with an innovative and inspiring vision. In harmony with Aman yet offering a distinctive touch, Janu radiates an uplifting spirit and playful design narrative, in contrast to the serene tranquillity and calming zen for which Aman is renowned. Put simply, if Aman is ‘sanctuary’, then Janu is ‘connection’. The launch of Janu Tokyo solidifies Aman Group’s position as the pinnacle of ultra-luxury hospitality and lifestyle experiences.

At the heart of Azabudai Hills, Janu Tokyo enhances the experience of both its guests and the local community through enriching moments that celebrate the joy of genuine human interaction. A fitting flagship, Janu Tokyo introduces 122 guest rooms and suites, eight venues for dining and socialising, and a 4,000-square-meter spa and wellness centre.

Spa and wellness

Spa and wellness centre

Janu Tokyo’s commitment to enhancing wellbeing begins in its multi-disciplinary spa and wellness centre which spans across four floors. Designed to encourage social wellness, and complement both active and passive pathways, one of Tokyo’s largest gyms (340 square meters) is accompanied by five movement studios for group exercise including spinning, yoga, golf simulation, and boxing, alongside an extensive hydrotherapy and thermal area with a 25-meter indoor lap pool and heated lounge pool for relaxation.

Each day, a programme of eight to 12 group classes in a range of modalities spans from the mindful, such as yoga and breathwork, to the adventurous, including Outrace and Skill X fitness, making the most of the gym’s advanced equipment – the first of its kind in a Tokyo hotel.

For those seeking a more mindful path to wellbeing, the wellness centre also features two signature Spa Houses, available for up to four guests on an exclusive basis. Additionally, a consultation room, hair and nail salon, and seven private treatment rooms offer an array of Janu therapies. For non-hotel guests, a limited number of Wellness Collective memberships are available, inviting the local community to discover the notion of social wellness.

For dining and socialising


Complementing the exceptional wellness and retail facilities are eight distinct venues for dining and socialising. Bringing together the influences of European and Asian culinary styles in a contemporary interpretation, diners are inspired through a bold and vibrant design narrative that uplifts the spirit, and innovative dishes that delight the senses.

Janu Mercato enhances the convivial dining scene with its three Italian open kitchen counters – one for homemade pasta, another for fresh fish and seafood, and a third for European charcuterie and cheeses – while the adjoining Janu Patisserie offers a sumptuous marble-walled space to experience the art of Parisian pastry making. Iigura reinterprets Edomae sushi tradition, offering a choice of à la carte or omakase dining, while Sumi presents a contemporary interpretation of sumibiyaki, offering an intimate omakase experience for dinner only, with 13 seats gathered around a grill, serving the finest seasonal ingredients cooked over charcoal and complemented by premium wine and sake.

Janu Grill

The diverse array of venues also includes Janu Grill, with its show kitchen and two wine cellars and two private dining rooms, and Hu Jing, offering fabled Cantonese specialties such as its signature dishes of Peking duck and Wagyu fillet, alongside a fully vegan menu. The restaurant also features four private dining rooms seating up to ten guests. The Janu Lounge and Garden Terrace provide a serene setting for afternoon tea with idyllic views of Tokyo Tower, while the Janu Bar explores the sensory language of the city through the art of mixology with a menu of crafted cocktails inspired by several of Tokyo’s districts, curated by legendary mixologist Shuzo Nagumo.


Janu Tokyo Deluxe Room King

Across eight floors, Janu Tokyo’s rooms and suites continue the experience, spanning from 55 up to 519 square meters in size. Meticulously designed, a strong focus on Japanese minimalism and symmetry brings space and harmony amidst the energy of the city, while elegant European accents add a touch of opulence and grandeur. Most offer private balconies immersing guests in the city skyline, while Corner and Tower View Suites benefit from dual-aspect views through magnificent windows. Creating seamless ease for groups and families, an abundance of connecting rooms are available, while all enjoy large bathrooms with double vanities, rain showers and bespoke soaking tubs – separated from their bedrooms by sliding partition walls – alongside spacious walk-in wardrobes and inviting living areas. 

Beyond its world-class amenities, Janu Tokyo is the only hotel within Azabudai Hills, an inspirational urban hub of nature, culture and art. A cornerstone of the community, the hotel’s symbiotic relationship with its surroundings and connection to its cultural fabric will enrich the lives of both guests and visitors to the district.

Janu Mercato

As the first in a 12-strong pipeline for the brand, Janu Tokyo represents an energising new chapter in the evolution of luxury hospitality, where innovation meets tradition, and guests are invited to embark on a transformative journey of discovery, connection, and renewal.

“The opening of Janu Tokyo solidifies Aman Group’s status as the unrivalled emblem of ultra-luxury hospitality,” says Vlad Doronin, chairman and CEO at Aman Group. “Aman has always epitomised luxury hospitality, with devoted guests at its heart, who repeatedly journey through our constellation of hotels and resorts. Now, as we introduce Janu Tokyo, we are heralding a new era. The strategic decision to launch Janu reflects our commitment to evolving alongside the desires of today’s dynamic travellers, particularly the offspring of Aman loyalists, the rising Amanjunkies, who seek uplifting experiences and authentic human connections. Janu Tokyo promises to be the epicentre of this transformative movement, welcoming a new cohort of guests.”

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