The third and final chapter of Henry Jacques’ Masterpieces collection

Here come the third and final additions to perfumer Henry Jacques’ Masterpieces collection: Fanfan & Galileo. They’re part of the limited edition Les Toupies series, which emerged from three years of hard work by artistic director Christophe Tollemer, who aimed to take fragrance to a whole new level. 

Les Toupies (“the spinning tops”) are meant to be enjoyed in pairs. Fanfan & Galileo is playful and evocative, with a story featuring numerous characters, lives and romances. Also, they’re the most curved and rounded Toupies of all.

With surgical precision from Tollemer, the handmade flacons were designed to be symmetrical and possess a stable axis, even though they are multifacted and have no central point. The detailed, delicate crystal bottles feature complex patterns, planes and angles crafted to summon the character of the enclosed fragrance. 

Fanfan is a soft and touching fragrance. It opens with notes of lavender, saffron and Egyptian geranium, followed by Indian sandalwood and Damask rose. This culminates in a finale of Moroccan cedarwood, leather and amber. With its complex layers and intensity, Fanfan remains Parisian to its core.

In contrast to Fanfan, its partner Galileo is one of masculinity and strength. It also opens with lavender, but with a mix of Italian mandarin and geranium. Before it finishes with the decadent and luxurious combination of oak moss, tobacco and amber, it’s filled with the youthful charms of patchouli, myrrh and benzoin. Everything comes together to give off a European scent with a blend of manliness and tenderness. 

The Les Toupies III collection is now available at all Henry Jacques boutiques. 

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