The hottest skincare trends for autumn 2019

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The change of seasons is always an exciting time when it comes to skincare, with a discovery of all the new trends, innovations and product research coming out in the months ahead. Skincare has been at the forefront of the beauty industry throughout 2019, but this autumn promises to be especially interesting.

We’re expecting to see an uptick in sustainable, green beauty brands and the use of medical-grade ingredients. From CBD-infused skincare to Korean beauty, here are the top skincare trends you can expect in the autumn of 2019.

Medical-grade skincare

Beauty enthusiasts are becoming more and more demanding of skincare brands. They want easy access to expert formulations that rival treatments typically only available through a dermatologist. 

In the past, medical-grade skincare was hard to find outside of your doctor’s office – and it was extremely expensive. But that’s expected to change this season. Major skincare players are launching new lines that include professional-strength products anyone can purchase online or in stores.

Although these products will still come at a higher price tag than typical high-street skincare, they’re much more affordable than professional procedures. Look for products that address targeted concerns such as fine lines, hyperpigmentation, scarring and melasma.

Skincare for the body

Many of us are obsessed with taking care of the skin on our face, but we’re often guilty of neglecting the skin on the rest of our bodies. That makes the rise of total body skincare in the autumn of 2019 something we can all get excited about.

Brands will be introducing bodycare products with active ingredients like AHAs and hyaluronic acid to target trouble spots. Even the pros are expected to get on board with more body-specific treatments available at your local salon.

Skin is definitely in for the autumn of 2019 – and that includes the face and body. Be on the lookout for new technologies such as electromagnetic currents for firming and lifting loose body skin. It’s all about firming the skin and looking natural from head to toe this season.

Eco-friendly skincare

Thankfully, more and more beauty brands are becoming eco-conscious in 2019. Even the trending Korean skincare routine is becoming more eco-friendly, with K-beauty brands focusing on natural, organic ingredients and greener manufacturing practices.

Expect to see companies doing away with plastic packaging in favour of more sustainable alternatives. And it’s not just the smaller niche brands that are making changes; big brands like Lush are even launching packaging-free shops.

As the world becomes more and more conscious of water consumption, many brands are making a real effort to cut down on their water usage. They’re even introducing products that don’t require any water usage at all. We’re expecting to see more innovative products like dry sheet masks and powdered skincare products over the coming months.

CBD-infused beauty products

CBD oil is getting a new image as a luxury health and wellness essential in 2019, and we expect to see CBD-infused skincare become mainstream this autumn. We’re all aware of its potential benefits for pain and anxiety, but what can it do in your skincare regime?

Well, it turns out that CBD oil has significant anti-inflammatory properties, making it useful for acne and other inflammatory skin conditions. It’s also rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E, so it’s good for anti-ageing too.

Major skincare lines are expected to introduce CBD into everything from night creams to sheet masks – and it doesn’t end there. CBD stem cells are the newest discovery in anti-ageing technology and some very well-respected brands are introducing them into their products.

Witch hazel

Witch hazel? Didn’t you use that back in your teenage years? Well, witch hazel is making a comeback this autumn, with more and more consumers turning to old-school chemical-free skincare. This acne-busting ingredient is showing up in everything from spot treatments to hydrating sprays.

Liquid exfoliators

Liquid exfoliators have been gaining popularity all year, but they’re experiencing a significant boost this autumn; Pinterest reports that searches for liquid face and body exfoliators have risen 58 per cent in recent months.

If you haven’t jumped on the acid exfoliator bandwagon yet, this is the time to do it. Liquid exfoliators are becoming more accessible and affordable, with a focus on effectiveness without irritation. Look for more serums and masks containing fruit acids on shelves in local shops this autumn.

Advances in beauty supplements 

Beauty supplements for nails, hair and skin are trending this year, thanks to new research that shows how our skin is impacted by nutrition. It’s all about being beautiful from the inside-out in the autumn of 2019. Expect to see skincare supplements containing items such as fish oil, B vitamins, biotin and zinc to make an appearance in the beauty aisle.

There’s an all-around increase in skincare from head to toe this year. It’ll be interesting to see which trends stay popular and which ones die down in the coming months. All in all, new technologies and practices in the skincare industry are a good thing for beauty enthusiasts of all types.

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