Chen Kun, Spike Lee and Taron Egerton star in Montblanc’s new global brand campaign

Montblanc has tapped Golden Globe Award winner Taron Egerton, Academy Award-winning filmaker Spike Lee, and actor Chen Kun to star in their latest global campaign titled, “What Moves You, Makes You.” As its name suggests, the campaign seeks to explore the narrative and notion of what drives and motivates an individual.

Vincent Montalescot, Montblanc’s executive vice president of marketing, said, “With this new campaign, we are engaging with a new global generation of leaders and professionals, inspiring them to achieve their full potential as they journey through a life led by passion… It expresses a new aspiration to live a life where the professional and personal don’t compete with each other, but enrich one another.”

Documented in a series of films and photos, each celebrity tells a story about themselves and their journey in self-discovery and exploration. The goal of Montblanc’s campaign is to ultimately inspire people to explore their capabilities on their own terms and find their drive – an important theme during these trying times.

Montalescot continues, “While at different stages in their careers, the three creative catalysts we are spotlighting are living proof that following what moves you ultimately leads you to a place of fulfillment and success.”

Check out Lee, Egerton, and Kun in the videos above and head to the Montblanc website to learn more.

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