The Secret Poetry of Angela Yuen

Angela Yuen is a secret poet

You might be surprised to learn that Angela Yuen keeps a daily diary in Chinese and can wax philosophical as well as she dresses. When we asked her a few of life’s burning questions, her answers were pure poetry.

What is Youth?

Youth is a stubborn kangaroo,
only jumping forward, even with obstacles ahead

Youth is the Pearl Princess who gets into trouble,
but dares to love, to hate and to scold

Youth is a small bird with no responsibilities,
seeking to fly into the blue sky before landing

Youth has unlimited energy and the power
to not have dimples after spicy noodle and hotpot

Youth is in your mind.

The day you stop playing, you are old!

Angela Yuen opens up her iPhone diary for #legend

If you had a chance to go back to a critical moment in your life, would you make a different choice?

This is a scary question because you know it is highly likely you will make the same mistake again.

Ha! You just don’t learn from mistakes

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