Rimowa: A return to its engineering roots with iconic Classic Cabin collection

With the prowess and prestige of German engineering at its core, Rimowa launches a worldwide campaign with a lifetime guarantee that pays homage to the artistic expression of its craftsmanship

There is much to be said about the art of German engineering. It is reliable, durable and technologically advanced in many ways – whether it is in manufacturing, processes or materials used. 

Rimowa – with a history that dates back to 1898 Cologne, Germany – has perfected this art form in its creation of mobility tools for discerning travellers. In German, it is referred to as “ingenieurskunst”. A literal translation for “the art of engineering”. 

In the brand’s latest campaign, a journey around the world by way of kinetic installations in various locations, its signature aluminium products showcase this German engineering form. Moulding advanced manufacturing into art. 

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Emelie de Vitis, chief marketing officer at Rimowa, says, “The topic of German engineering might be considered dry or technical. But as our head engineer describes, ‘it is more like a symphony’. We wanted to show that German engineering – which is at the core of who we are – is truly considered art at Rimowa.”

6,000 rivets, 180 anodised aluminium sheets and shells of Rimowa’s Classic Cabin suitcases were used to build these installations as an hommage to the craftsmanship of its iconic luggage. And as with all Rimowa products, these installations too are set to travel to different locations around the world. Coupled with an immersive AR experience as part of the campaign, viewers are encouraged to immerse in the engineering side of the Classic Cabin suitcase.

Accompanied by Daft Punk’s “Around the World” track – transformed into an orchestral cover by the Cologne-based Gürzenich Orchester – featured in the luxury Maison’s newest campaign video provides another nod to the brand’s German heritage. 

These installations carry the narrative that even though the Classic Cabin collection is imagined and produced in Germany, it is made for wherever you want to travel. It is a promise solidified with Rimowa’s new lifetime guarantee for suitcases bought since July 25, 2022. Covering all functional aspects of Rimowa suitcases.

Photos courtesy of Rimowa

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