Pomellato: The kaleidoscopic colours of life

Dressed in jewels by Pomellato, Jessica Jann, Nat Kwan, Cheronna Ng and Veronica Li share their take on everything from career goals to motherhood

Jessica Jann

A self-described “excited mama-to-be who loves her family, movies, skincare, acting and food”, Jessica Jann is a firm believer that women can do it all. “We’re so lucky. I think you just have to believe in yourself and do whatever you want. If you set your mind to it, you can do it,” she says. “Always stay positive and always just focus on the good because I think it’s very easy to get sucked into feeling negative or down. I try really hard to focus on the good things and just enjoy life because it goes by so quickly.”

Jessica Jann wears Iconica earrings in rose gold, La Gioia High Jewellery Iconica necklace and bracelet in rose gold with diamonds and brown diamonds, Iconica rings in rose gold with diamonds and brown diamonds, Nudo rings in rose gold with dark brown moonstone and brown diamonds, and white gold with diamonds and brown diamonds by Pomellato; black dress by Acler from Lane Crawford and red velvet single-breasted jacket with peak lapel by Gucci

Indeed, the first-time mum is all about embracing joy and colour. “Having a colourful life is just being able to be with people you love, find new passions and keep learning,” she says. “I’m so excited about being a mum and I’m really looking forward to that next phase in my life but I also love working as well. I’m inspired by the women who are full-time mums but also work on the side. It’s a balancing act but I really do believe we can do it all.”

Jann, who started out as a child actor in films like Lethal Weapon 4 and Easy A, currently runs an influencer marketing agency and aesthetic beauty centre on top of managing her popular Instagram account and food blog. It’s all in keeping with her belief that there’s enough room for everyone to achieve their dreams.

“I know in the past there might have been competition. I don’t feel that; I feel like it’s more just about empowering other women as well as empowering yourself,” she explains. “I just hope that by the next generation, especially when my kids are grown up, there will be an even bigger shift. I hope there’s equal pay, I hope that women realise they can do anything. They’re so strong. We got this, we can do anything!”

Nat Kwan

Teaching English, attending events, doing photo shoots, running a decorations and gift packaging business – not to mention settling into married life amidst a pandemic – Nat Kwan is one busy woman. “My life is really colourful because I do a lot of things,” she says.

Nat Kwan wears Nudo Chocolate earrings in rose and white gold with orange moonstone and brown diamonds; Iconica choker in rose gold, Nudo bangles in rose gold with rose quartz, chalcedony and brown diamonds, and in rose and white gold with London blue topaz and diamonds, Nudo rings in rose gold with sky blue topaz, agate, topaz, London blue topaz, lapis and turquoise by Pomellato;
black lace bralette by Shiatzy Chen and yellow padded cropped leather jacket and blue pleated shorts by Tod’s

It helps that Kwan shares the view that women today can have and do it all: “A lot of my friends, they’re not only mums or wives but also have their own careers. I’m trying to reach that level as well – I’m not a mum yet but I have my own career and with technology nowadays it’s more convenient for a woman to do everything at once.”

Despite having had to cancel her overseas wedding because of the pandemic, Kwan is discovering new aspects of herself through marriage. “The biggest thing I’ve learnt so far is how to compromise. I’ve also learnt that I want to do more, not just work on myself and my family,” she says. “I also want to try to do more charity work because I feel like with the situation around the world there’s a lot of people who need help – it’s not always about myself.”

Cheronna Ng, Nat Kwan, Veronica Li and Jessica Jann

In the meantime, Kwan is hoping to grow her business and grow her family through motherhood. “There are so many more opportunities in the working field and women have so many more roles than just housewives,” she says of her generation compared to those of the past. “I think women in the next generation will be even more career-oriented but at the same time strive for a work-life balance.”

Veronica Li

As one of Hong Kong’s most prominent fashion stylists, bloggers and consultants, Veronica Li has created a life for herself that is at once boldly colourful and meticulously curated. When it comes to the former, Li chooses to focus on the positive aspects of colour to enhance her mood and well-being. And in terms of the latter, she is well on her way to realising a 15-year plan that culminates in the birth of her first child. “My plan was to date for 10 years, get married, and then be married for five years and have a child,” she says. “The due date is November 11, which is my fifth wedding anniversary.”

Veronica Li wears Nudo Gelé earrings in rose gold with white topaz and mother-of-pearl, Nudo pendant necklaces in rose gold with sky blue topaz, prasiolite and diamonds, Nudo bangles in rose and white gold with diamonds, white topaz, mother-of-pearl and sky blue topaz; Nudo Gelé rings in rose gold with lemon quartz, white topaz and sky blue topaz by Pomellato and grey herringbone-twill blazer and pants by Alexander McQueen.

Pregnancy has certainly been a new journey for Li, one that has transformed not only her family but also her own sense of empowerment. “Before being pregnant I underestimated myself, thinking I can’t do this or I can’t do that,” she explains. “But I think God created us to be super strong and I think you just have to be bold to step forward and then just keep on trying and never let other people bring you down – especially if you feel that you can do something.”

While Li is looking forward to her post-pregnancy career, and perhaps even styling expecting and new mothers, the most important thing for her is to be a good role model and encourage the next generation to embrace and share their talents.

Veronica Li and Jessica Jann

“Let people know your value,” she says. “There are times we may hold back a bit because of the previous generation’s preconceptions. But as the world changes, ways of thought change – and our thoughts determine our actions. Nowadays women have more courage to think outside the box and more confidence to speak out and let others know what we are capable of.”

Cheronna Ng

Whether it’s to do with music, lifestyles or relationships, Cheronna Ng sees the world in rainbow hues. “A colourful life doesn’t segregate colours, be it people’s races or the people you love. A colourful life is full of love,” says the singer and actress. “A colourful life also needs sharing – having friends and being able to do what you love, living in the present, enjoying every moment and treasuring what you have.”

Cheronna Ng wears Nudo earrings in rose gold with amethyst and diamonds, La Gioia High Jewellery Catene necklace and bracelet in rose gold with brown diamonds, Iconica bangle and bracelet in rose gold with diamonds, Iconica ring in rose gold, Nudo rings with amethyst, white topaz and diamonds by Pomellato; beige trench coat by Michael Kors. She also wears a multicolour printed skirt by Sportmax and camel ribbed bustier top by Fetico from Joyce

For Ng, who has embarked on a solo career after hitting it big in Cantopop group Super Girls, that includes constantly trying and learning new things while connecting with and supporting her growing number of fans. “I’m really simple. Life is short so really treasure it. Whether you’re happy or unhappy, share with people around you and with people who accept you for who you are,” she says. “Because I know that a lot of my fans are a part of the LGBTQ community, and I really hope that they can have the courage to share more and open up more about things.”

Believing that she still has “a lot of room for improvement”, Ng is nervous about going it alone after being part of a girl group but looks forward to making the most of every opportunity that comes her way – something she also wishes for generations of women to come: “To me, a successful woman is one who can live happily and enjoy her life. I really admire those who are resilient in doing what they like, without caring about what others think or changing themselves because of what others think, and I hope I can do the same.”

Photographer / Ricky Lo
Assistants / Alston Chan, Kelvin Sim and Jason Li
Videography / Ken Leung
Stylist / Alex Loong
Make-up / Little White
Make-up assistant / Fngmakeup
Hair / Jean.T and Sofia Tso at aTEN STUDIO

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