Pixie Lott on discovering herself

Pixie wears earrings by Hélène Zubeldia

UK multi-platinum selling artist Pixie Lott has been establishing herself as a pop sensation since she started her career more than ten years ago. From her journey to pursue her passion to becoming a global star, we talked to Lott about her past, present and future. 

She arrived at the studio wearing a beautiful brown fur coat, black long boots. Her carefully styled blonde hair was paired with two giant loop earrings. She quickly filled the room with her warm smile after greeting everyone. As we start the interview, we couldn’t help feeling nostalgic about the good old days. In fact, Lott first raised to fame on digital platform MySpace, where she quickly became internationally known. It didn’t take long for someone to spot her talent and her 2009 debut single “Mama Do (Uh Oh Uh Oh)” went straight to number one on the UK Singles Chart. By looking back at the past, she shared with us her deepest personal discoveries, her view on the Internet and some of her current fashion favourites.

Pixie wears a white pleated gown by Viktor & Rolf Haute Couture

How would you define “Identity”? 

I think it’s what makes you unique. Obviously everyone is completely different, but if you are very comfortable with your identity and you stay true to it, it’s when you are the happiest.

What are you constantly discovering about yourself? 

I think I have definitely learnt a lot about myself over the years. Mainly that I am a positive person, laid back but very hard working and determined at the same time. I am also very passionate about the things I love, like my family. I feel like the older I get the more I learn who I am!

You entered the industry at a very young age, when did you discover your passion? 

I have always had the determination and passion to pursue music and it hasn’t died down. It has been my whole life really, and I couldn’t imagine myself doing something else. It’s been so fun that I get to do what I love and I want to keep learning!

You were trained as a performer since you were young, to what extent do you think the experiences have shaped your identity now?

I definitely learnt loads while I was growing up as I went to performing art school. It taught me tons of things about performances, gave me confidence and it really made me who I am today.

Pixie wears a white dress via Myphilosophy Paris, earrings by Hélène Zubeldia

In the past 10 years, what would say was your biggest development?

It’s ten years since I have released my first album – it’s crazy that ten years have already passed! I have definitely learnt how to be my true self and that I am lucky to be doing something that I love, it doesn’t really matter what happens but if things turn out successfully then it’s a bonus. I guess it comes with age that I only want to do things where my heart is invested in and the things that get my creativity satisfied,  rather than doing something that doesn’t.

Life experiences as well for sure: All the happy and sad moments. From my first play two years ago (“Breakfast at Tiffany’s”), which was mainly acting, I have learnt loads from it. And I believe that’s where I have learnt the most performance wise, and in life.

How do you deal with negativity?  

It has definitely been difficult, like not getting through auditions or things not turning how you wanted them to, but it all just makes you stronger in the end. It’s cliché but true. Like if you don’t get something that was not meant for you, sometimes it’s hard to see at that time, but when you look back at it you would be like, “Ah that happened because I had to learn that.” I am much better at doing that now, and there will be many more lessons that I will learn along the way.

Music cheers me up. Playing my favourite songs, it can just turn my mood around. My current playlist is full of old music like Carole King and Stevie Wonder.

Being an influencer to many, how do you find living in a world full of judgments? 

I really don’t get to pressure myself and get caught up to this kind of stuff. I just have to be true to myself and do things that make me happy.

Pixie wears a white wedding dress by Jean Paul Gautier Haute Couture

As a celebrity, privacy has become such a luxury. How do you balance your private life and your public image? 

I think it’s quite good for me as it’s not too intrusive, in public, I go to events and work things and it’s fine. Sometimes there are photographers in places where you didn’t expect to find them, but it’s bound to happen. 

I guess people can make assumptions of you before they meet you, like in the past I have read comments about me that were not true at all. However, I don’t get too affected by this as I don’t want to take this personal since people haven’t even met me. So I have stopped reading the comment sections, I learnt not to, because it’s not always nice… 

What do you think about the relationship between the Internet and people’s identity? 

I think there are pros and cons. It’s amazing how it brings the world together, it helped me at the start of my career. I used to have a MySpace page, and people from China would be hearing my songs. I thought, “Wow people from other countries can hear my music!” It’s incredible, the Internet makes the world a lot smaller. 

I believe the Internet encouraged people to make great stuff; it’s another way to express themselves and to give everyone a voice. That’s why a lot of people have become known, because you can do it just in the bedroom and you don’t have to be someone under the public eye to create amazing work out and put it out there. However, just don’t compare yourself to others too much. Take it for your inspiration and use it to connect  with people with. In my case, I use social media to find inspirations, fashion, new artists and much more!

Switching the topic a little, how would you describe your fashion style? 

My fashion style is…I like to mix things up, retro and new, if you know what I mean. I live for accessories too – they jazz things up completely.

What do you think about sustainable fashion?

I think it’s great! My fiancé is also creating his own fashion line which uses eco-friendly materials. It’s nice that people are conscious and are talking about it!

Finally, what are your upcoming life and work projects?

My focus is going to be my new music coming out soon as I wrote a lot last year, it’s going to be very authentic and very me – honest and genuine. The music will be more classic, all about the lyrics and the melody. I feel it’s the most ‘me’ I have ever been musically and it’s about real life stories. I am really excited about it!

Shot by PJ Lam on iPhone X
Photography / Pj Lam
Styling / Beli Shi
Makeup / Cyril Laine
Hair / Yann Turchi
Photo Assistant / Matthew Avignone
Interview / Emilie Wong

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