A brighter future with industry leaders

We must unite during tough times like these and address the situation together. There will no longer be questions of when we should act, but rather what should be done next to alleviate the severity that has caused millions across the globe to file for unemployment. We’re gratified to see that key players in the fashion and creative industries have joined forces to do good. From accumulating cash for donations and supplying medical gear to replenishing necessities and food, fashion conglomerates and moguls are lending a hand to those who are vulnerable. As we look to brighter days ahead, we ask various industry leaders, professionals and next-gen talent to answer this question: How do you envision and realise a brighter future?

Giuseppe Zanotti

Founder, Giuseppe Zanotti

“This pandemic is playing a vital role in redefining our consumption habits. The fashion business model showed issues even before the virus spiked. With this downtime, we can now for once reflect and try to fix the problem. Fashion runs too fast, with many inefficiencies that we can’t turn a blind eye to anymore. By slowing down, we can sustain quality and let our creativity thrive. Let’s all work together and create beautiful objects, as beauty is an emotion that we will constantly treasure.”

Charlotte Tilbury

Founder, Charlotte Tilbury Beauty

“I’m a huge believer in the power of positive thoughts and positive energy, and I always talk about creative visualisation. You can think things into existence! Visualise the future you want and don’t give up until you get it – dare to dream it, dare to believe it, dare to do it!”

Rosa Rubio

Founder, Los Objetos Decorativos

“I think we will come out of this experience being more patient and more attentive to the world around us. Despite the catastrophe, the fact that the virus affects the global community regardless of your social class, race or religion will leave a positive impact on how we see our future – a more empathetic one, as we learn to work more closely together. I foresee a future where we are all more self-sufficient. We will also be more active and committed to sustainable codes, eliminating the toxic practices and behaviours that leave a negative impression on many aspects, both economic and environmental. Regarding my individual efforts to pave a brighter future, I’m learning to be more craft-focused, from making my own bread to designing my own clothing. I believe that the things you do for yourself have that extra element of effort and humanity that makes it valuable.”

Elizabeth von der Goltz

Global Buying Director, Net-a-Porter

“Sustainability is an increasingly important topic that keeps evolving across all industries. We’ve seen the interest in sustainable fashion growing among our customers. As a recognised leader in luxury fashion, we believe we must leverage change where we can and contribute to improving practices across our industry. It’s about making a conscious choice with the way that you decide to shop and consume. The launch of Net Sustain focuses on fashion and then expands into beauty with the new attribute integration like veganism. We also participate in the Richemont offsetting programme, where we offset 100 percent of emissions generated from shipping and returns. The majority of our offsets conserve forests and wildlife on the Lower Zambezi River.”

Erika Zorzi & Matteo Sangalli

Founders, Mathery Studio

“We’d like to dream about a peachy scenario where people are not constantly driving their cars because they love seeing the sky so blue, with fewer planes in the air and more bees. We have learned working fewer hours is beneficial for our mood and lifestyle, while we also make efforts to produce less waste, eliminate eating animal products, and maintain a balanced diet. As directors and photographers, we have learned to collaborate with other creatives and share the work opportunities by making more with less. If even just 10 percent of the global population abided by our ideal

Fanny Moizant

Co-Founder & President, Vestiaire Collective

“This pandemic is playing an important role in redefining fashion and consumer habits. The fashion business model showed weaknesses even before the epidemic, but we used to live a very hectic life. It’s now the first time we can reflect and fully hack the problem. Fashion runs too fast, with so many inefficiencies that we cannot ignore anymore. We create far too many collections per year and produce too many goods. It’s not sustainable. We need to slow down and keep quality and real creativity at the core. The nature of innovation allows us to break the rules. So, let’s focus on creating beautiful objects, because beauty is an emotion that we will always aspire to – but this time, we need to streamline it with the greater welfare of the world.”

Elisa Harca

Co-Founder & CEO, Red Ant Asia

“It’s hard to determine what the ‘new normal’ will look like when all parts of the puzzle are moving. My strategy is to be more present. The reality is that we can’t plan too far ahead – and when we do, the world turns in ways that require us to re-forecast. I adapt to being present by moving my body more through various exercises. The movement ensures that I generate the endorphins that enable me to morph. Also, by being more mindful, I am better able to support those around me. Together, we can manifest a brighter future, seeing that positivity is contagious.”

Francisco Costa

Founder & CCO, Costa Brazil

“Our future is now. I believe that the spirit of beauty is directly connected to the health of the Earth. We will have a brighter future if we respect nature, if we respect humanity and if we share. I feel positive about the future. I believe that the only ones that will suffer are the ones who refuse to accept that the world
has changed.”

Lauren Santo Domingo

Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer, Moda Operandi

“I see the future focused on community and collaboration. We need to continue the ‘we’re all in this together’ mentality. I have also come to appreciate the little things – the blooms of grape hyacinths, reading a great novel, teaching my children, and unrushed conversations with friends and loved ones. In a brighter future, we will still cherish these moments while adapting to a new way of life.”

Rui Zhou

Creative Director, Rui Zhou

“On the one hand, the development of technologies such as biomaterial innovation, the improvement of 3D printing, changeable clothing and the universality of wearable devices subdivide the functionality of clothing and help people solve various problems. On the other, it makes people cherish precious handcrafting and cultural heritage more.”

Wei Hung Chen & Raiheth Rawla

Founders, Khaore

“To be able to connect/reconnect mindfully with one another, it’s more important than ever to listen and to communicate as a community. We want to become the brand that not only voices opinions, but one that listens and converses with our customers.”

Sandra Choi

Creative Director, Jimmy Choo

“I can’t help but think that this world crisis is linked to a warning from some kind of ‘natural force’. It feels like Mother Earth is somehow calling out for a break from the speed we have all become accustomed to living at so she can breathe a little, and so we can slow down and have a good think about how we live our lives. I do think the lesson here is one of responsibility; though we are separated, we are in a way coming together to support one another. We need to come out of this rethinking the priorities of how to live with less but better. If our future is about forward-thinking and not going back to how we were, then this responsibility will also be on the appropriate innovation in technology that not only benefits mankind, but also this planet where we coexist with nature.”

Xiwen Zhang

Co-Founder, For Art’s Sake

“With For Art’s Sake, we always knew we wanted to create more than just sunglasses – we wanted to pass on a feeling of delight to our customers and beyond. With every pair of FAS frames we sell, we donate to two charities: we plant a tree with Trees for the Future to offset our carbon emissions, and we donate a pair of glasses to someone in need through Restoring Vision. Both charities provide people in developing countries with the tools to build a brighter future for themselves, as we feel we have a social responsibility to leave the world in a better way than we found it. This will always be part of our core DNA – not just something to remember during difficult times.”

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