No Time for Facials? Here’s a 10-Minute Solution

Daniela Couto with Natura Bisse

​Admit it, we’re all busy (read: lazy) people and as much as we desire flawless skin, that requires dedication, and sometimes, we just don’t have time for facials every week and masks every night. In comes Natura Bissé to the rescue, who recently launched their latest breakthrough product, the Diamond Instant Glow, which professes to give you radiant skin in just 10 minutes. We speak to Daniela Couto, Natura Bissé’s International Retail Trainer, who swears the Spanish luxury skincare brand has been the go-to for Hollywood celebrities for more than a decade. Facials, be gone! This is the express mini-lift we’ve all been waiting for.

Have you worked with celebrities previously on skincare and makeup?

Natura Bissé has a very close relationship with the world of cinema. For the 12th year in a row, next week we will travel to Hollywood to pamper the skin of the best-known actors and actresses for the most anticipated film event in the world! We a also take care of celebs for other important cinema local events. Also, Natura Bissé collaborates with the most prestigious make-up artists in films. Apart from that, we have an ambassador program that includes influential women such as entrepeneurs, socialités, bloggers, actresses and actors and models.

Obviously preparing for a big day like the Oscars takes days, maybe even weeks of preparation. What are typically some things that stars will do before a big event like this?

We recommend receiving a Natura Bissé treatment a few days after the big event. Every year we launch a special and innovative treatment for the occasion created to achieve picture-perfect skin. This year we are launching a ground-breaking beauty protocol that will be enjoyed in a bubble with 99.95% pure air and that combines a skincare ritual with mindfulness and virtual reality.  The results are amazing: beautiful skin, complete enjoyment of the physical nuances of the treatment, along with renewed serenity and energy that enables you to reconnect with yourself. A journey to the future of beauty!

What are some tips and tricks we can take away for our own big moments, like your wedding day or prom night?

We recommend enjoying a Natura Bissé treatment a week before to ensure that skin is flawless, radiant and as brilliant as your wedding ring. A very good option is the Diamond Whitening System treatment, that will provide brightening benefits to restore a healthy glow and radiance to the skin to achieve a flawless Wedding Day complexion. And for the wedding day we recommend to use the extraordinary new Diamond Instant Glow, an express mini-lift to use at home that gives you perfect skin in the blink of an eye, becoming the perfect foundation for impeccable makeup that lasts for hours. 

Beauty emergencies – we all have those days – what should you really be doing if you break out on your big day?

Here is a beauty trick: use our Stabilizing Cleansing Mask on the affected areas, let it act for 20 minutes and feel its purifying power! And to prevent skin from breaking out, we recommend you to use this product daily as a cleanser and weekly as a mask.

Natura Bissé Diamond Instant Glow

When it comes to beauty, is there ever really short cuts that work?

Diamond Instant Glow is the fastest, most effective and safest way to have a professional outcome in your home or anywhere in record time: just 10 minutes!

What is your daily routine?

Since I am a Natura Bissé addict my routine of beauty has become a very pleasurable ritual of which I dedicate myself. It’s my moment. I clean my skin morning and night with the Diamond White Luxury Cleanser, tonify it with Diamond Mist and mosturize with Diamond Extreme. Then I apply Diamond Extreme Eye, that makes the skin around my eyes look really smooth, healthy and silkier.  But my new obsession is Diamond Extreme Dual Night Treatment. I use it all 3 times a week to wake up with radiant skin!

What is a doable and effective daily routine than busy women should make a habit?

Cleaning, tonifying, mosturizing twice a day and wearing sunscreen during the day even if it is cloudy are the keys to flawless skin. Also, I recommend to exfoliate skin once a week with Glyco Extreme Peel to renew the skin and obtain an effective and safe result in just 15 minutes.  

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