Meet the Men in a League of Their Own

Kieran Rogers, Justin Lim and Russell Doctrove

From chef to physiotherapist, the men in this shoot for Shanghai Tang are gentlemen in a league of their own.

Each offers something to the fabric of Hong Kong, something that ties them to the life of the city. It’s threads such as these that create community; the common DNA which they, you and Shanghai Tang share. These men represent Hong Kong’s tradition of creativity. They are helping create a vibrant future based on that rich heritage.

Russell Doctrove

“Hong Kong is a unique melting pot, enticing creative types from all over the world. This fuels my creativity as it allows for the sharing of ideas, viewpoints and knowledge, and always inspires me to do better.”

Russell Doctrove

Johnny Li

“This city has the dirt, noise and vibrancy to make it as dynamic as New York. The waitresses here are as blunt and adorable as the ones in Manhattan. The egg tarts in Mongkok are as famous as the bagels in the East Village. It’s also one of the most international cities in Asia.”

Johnny Li

Justin Lim

“Hong Kong is a remarkable place that brings together all aesthetics and styles. I couldn’t think of a more vibrant place to have made a career as a professional photographer and social media consultant. I’m so grateful for the connections I’ve made.”

Kieran Rogers

“This city has always been a special place, not just for its unwavering energy, but the opportunity it offers you. I get to work with game changers who are challenging the status quo to help make a better and stronger community.”

Kieran Rogers

Skott Taylor
Management consultant

“Hong Kong gives me a platform to be creative. It’s a fluid city where opportunity is there for those willing to go for it. It always amazes me how willing people are to meet up and collaborate. No other city can connect people like Hong Kong.”

Skott Taylor


Photography / Ricky Lo
Outfits / Shanghai Tang
Make-up / Karen Yiu at HK Makeup Artists
Styling Assistant / Yat Man
Hair / Deil Siu

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