Marielle Byworth takes Hong Kong’s artists to the Emmy’s

Marielle Byworth poses in Doriskath at the Emmy's (photo by David Cutrano)

Marielle Byworth is fearless. She launched her jewellery and design company, Marijoli, in 2006 – shortly after graduating. Within just a few years, it took off and her pieces were seen in magazines, and on catwalks and celebrities – Nelly Furtado, Madonna and Kate Moss are all fans. Just as Marijoli was becoming a household name, she took a step back from the spotlight. For four months she lived in isolation, focused on finding her spirituality and and pursuing her love of yoga. Refreshed and energised, she emerged even more inspired, and launched her ‘Pure of Spirit’ line. Today her spiritually-charged fine jewellery can be found in boutiques around the world, from Istanbul to London. It can even be found on the red carpet. This year, Byworth modelled her Aya Collection at the 2017 Emmy Awards, and here she tells us about that experience and her inspirations as an artist.

How did you find yourself on the red carpet?

Someone invited me on my birthday last August, so I just went. Normally, I try to go to the Cannes Festival, but this year I felt it would be fun to try something different. Los Angeles is in my heart and I love spending time there, so I jumped at the opportunity.

Did any celebrities wear your jewellery?  

I didn’t have anyone wearing it at this show, just myself…. I figured I know how to wear it best! We have had many celebrities wear the product in the past, but I felt it was better to wear myself and work with the make-up to focus all attention on the jewellery.

As a first-timer to the Emmy’s, was it surreal?

The funniest thing was having three photographers following me all the way through town and up to the gates. Everyone was trying to work out who I was! It really made me feel and look like a genuine celebrity! It obviously had an impact as I got waived through every gate and barrier and ended up sitting right next to the stage at the event with all the various producers. It was great fun.

But, more than anything for me, the Emmy’s was a journey of creative minds getting together to co-create! I’m in process of doing an accelerated Master’s online and it happened that when I was on my collaboration module, I talked to the very talented stylist Katie Dyus about the idea of bringing Hong Kong designers to the Emmy’s. Katie loved the idea and quickly we found three photographers who were willing to get involved, Nicole Lee, David Cutrano and Terri Li. Then Christopher Miles, my exceptional makeup artist, and I had the tough job of working my three looks from Katie at the Emmy’s!

A rare moment of calm during the Emmy's madness

How do you incorporate your Zen philosophy into your jewellery?

Before creating a one of a kind piece of jewellery for a specific client I study their date of birth and their Chinese chart. I then break with half an hour of meditation and then my daily yoga practice to clear my mind. Generally, that will set the scene for some beautiful thoughts, and I take it from there. If I am struggling I will spend some time on the ritual of making a matcha Japanese tea to help me raise the vibration.

Where do you source your materials from, especially your diamonds? What are your thoughts on the ‘darker’ side of the diamond industry?

Since 2013, a lot has been done to address the issue of conflict diamonds, I think now more than 99% of the world’s diamonds are from conflict free sources. Of course, this is not a perfect outcome, but it shows that we are living in a more conscientious world than I grew up in and for that I feel extremely positive. For my diamonds, I source all from trusted 100% conflict free suppliers all over Europe and in Hong Kong. My husband’s family is in the jewellery business, and are all diamond traders, so I am connected with the best.

You’ve lived in Switzerland, London, Tokyo and now Hong Kong – what kept you travelling? How does Hong Kong differ from those other cities?

It’s written in my Four pillars of destiny chart! All I do is follow it! Hong Kong has everything I need right now to balance my lifestyle. I live in a little fishing village on the by the sea far away from Central, very similar to where I grew up in Switzerland with lush greenery everywhere. Hong Kong has everything! Hong Kong has such a powerful energy, you just need to know how to channel it!

Byworth on her way to the red carpet

Is Hong Kong where you’re going to stay?

For the moment at least, yes. We love it here! I’m still embracing the fascinating learning experience I have embarked upon here, I have adored working on my Feng Shui mastership, and the Yin Yang heritage coming from China.

How are you moving the jewellery industry forward?

Jewellery is so personal; it needs to be more bespoke. It’s so boring to walk into a high street store and buy a ring. At Marijoli, we make jewellery tailor made and attuned with your energetic field. I spend time with my client to focus on their unique DNA before trying to do anything. A lot of people need help in understanding what style suits them, and seeing the pleasure I can bring to liberating their ‘self’ is one of the things I deeply love about my job. Jewellery can help bring balance and harmony to your style; that alone helps enrich your soul, centre your mind and boost your confidence!

Photography / Nicole Lee
Stylist / Katie Dyus
Makeup / Christopher Miles
Hong Kong designers /  La French Cut, 
Maison Vermillion, Ledonae, Doris Kath

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