Makeup artist Alexa Bui on Christian Louboutin’s debut eye colours

Christian Louboutin's Tape à L’Oeil Eye Colours

Christian Louboutin is one of the fashion world’s – not to mention hip hop’s – favourite fashion name-drops. Their sexy red soles remain, to this day, one of the ultimate status symbols for both ladies and men. Then Christian Louboutin delved into the beauty world and gave us five-inch nail polish bottles, luxurious lip colours and luminous eyeliner. Now they’re launching their first ever Tape à L’Oeil Eye Colours in two flattering finishes, matte nude and metallic, and 12 shades. Much like all Louboutin beauty products, they look just as good on the shelf as they do on your face. 

“I’ve always been fascinated with how much the eyes say. Eyes reveal – they have a life; they carry one’s life; what has happened in your life. It is through the eyes that you see someone’s personality,” says Christian. 

Alexa Bui

Hong Kong makeup artist Alexa Bui (@alexa.bui) created four unique looks on style and lifestyle influencer Jessie Li (@4evajessie) using the new collection. 

She recommends using a “gentle hand with the application and use more wrist movements, like [you’re using] a calligraphy pen! A little goes along with this heavily pigmented product” or even using a “spoolie to apply the product on your lashes, like a fun coloured mascara.”

Alexa shares her beauty tips and how to create them below: 

Matte Nude Eye Shadow

Pictured: Daria and Louana Matte Nude Eye Colour, Khol Mascara, Khol Oeil Vinyle Ink Liner, Lip Definer Nats, Velvet Matte Just Nothing, Brow Definer Taupe

“I wanted to create a very subtle but still sexy look that was all matte, as well as something that was low-key glam. Both are super wearable for the day time and can be amped up with a bold lip for night time.” 

The lustrous matte nude collection

“If you’re looking for a primer, go for one that is a shade or two darker than your skin colour and pair it with a fun lip colour to create a subtle look. If you’re using the eye shadow on its own, choose a slightly darker shade and apply from the lash line and gently blend upwards using your fingers to help push the product into the skin using light tapping motions.”

Pictured: Carnelian, Morganite and Pyrite Mettalic Eye Colour, Khol Mascara, Fierce Velvet Eye Definer, Lip Definer Nats, Silky Satin Rouge Louboutin and Brow Definer Taupe

Metallic Eye Shadow

Pictured: Andalusite, Pyrite, Morganite and Carnelian Metallic Eye Colour, Khol Mascara, Khol Oeil Vinyle Ink Liner, Lip Definer Nats, Dollydola Loubliaque Lip Gloss and Brow Definer Brunette

The metallic collection

“With the Metallics, I wanted to create something that’s sharp and sexy and something that was creative and fun for the two looks. The products are really pigmented and true to colour.”

Pictured: Iolite Metallic Eye Colour, Khol Mascara, Khol Oeil Vinyle Ink Liner, Lip Definer Nats, Velvet Matte Zoulou and Brow Definer Brunette

“Use the Matte shadow as a base and apply Metallic on top. You can even mix and match different Metallics to create a new, fun shade that’s uniquely yours.”

Beauty / Christian Louboutin Beaute
MUA / Alexa Bui
Model / Jessie Li
Venue / Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong
Outfit / JOYCE
Hair / Tom Leung

To exclusively pre-launch at Lane Crawford in Hong Kong from September 20, 2018

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