Kiko Makes Her Marc in a New Marc Jacobs Ad

Trust Marc Jacobs to turn sharper focus on his latest eyewear collection by channeling digital and creative muse, actress, artist and singer Kiko Mizuhara

Kiko, our current #legend cover star, lives the dream as her trip to the bodega turns into a fashion and musical fantasy. From mundane to majestic, and from anonymity to adoration, who hasn’t imagined such epic fun. When Kiko stumbles upon the Marc Jacobs Twist sunglasses, her reality goes fluoro. Is it truly a new technicolour world, or is it just a sunny disposition? And when you’re thrown in the middle of a rainbow rave, does it really matter?

Watch the full adventure as Kiko charades the diva-charisma in this Brendan Dacey-directed, Morgan Maher-styled mini-masterpiece. And who knew Kiko carries the grandmother vibe so effortlessly? Less like a dream, more like reality, it’s just another – albeit spectacular – day at the office for Kiko and It.     

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