I.T celebrates 30th anniversary with special exhibition

The brainchild of two brothers, Sham Kar Wai and Sham Kin Wai who first launched their humble 200-square foot shop called Green Peace back in 1988, fast forward 30 years and it’s been a remarkable journey for the I.T Group. Fashion was everything back in the 80’s, it was all about designer brands and logos— the louder the better. Fashion was booming and you could not walk down the street if you were not wearing major labels like Gianni Versace, Commes Des Garcons, Yohji Yamamoto, Jean Paul Gautier, Giorgio Armani and the list goes on… How would I know? Because I was part of the fashion die-hard crowd back in the 80’s

The Sham brothers’ success didn’t come from pure luck but based on their talent and beliefs. While everyone else was focused on wearing the top designer brands, they saw a market that hadn’t been tapped into: youth culture for the younger generation. They opted not to compete with what the high society people in Hong Kong wanted to wear (the most expensive clothes of course) but to stick to a style that suited them best. Behold! Thus, designer’s street style culture was created. 

In those days street style was not the norm. It was a very niche and small circle. The understated styles were a stark contrast to the mainstream fashion back then. Japanese street fashion and skate culture played a very important role in our youth culture back in the 80’s and it is this anti-fashion attitude that created the success of the I.T Group today. When I say anti-fashion, it doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate fashion, on the contrary it means owning your own individual style. 

 I.T Group is a pure visionary and has kept its niche on how to run a successful fashion business by maintaining the fine balance of limited edition pieces for the masses. In fact, you can say I.T created the words ‘limited edition’ for Hong Kong. 30 years on, now the whole world is going street style crazy and everything you buy has to be limited edition when I.T has been doing it from day one.

I.T Group is now a publicly listed company in Hong Kong offering more than 300 international brands and over 10 in-house labels, operating in Hong Kong and China bringing a unique omni-channel experience to the next frontier. Most recently, the company launched its multi-brand fashion lifestyle platform ITeSHOP (www.ITeSHOP.com) in 2017. 

For their latest exhibition, I.T has invited its community of brands, partners and creative talents to share their vision of the future with a series of exclusive designs, capsule collections and digital showcases. The exhibition is taking place at Pacific Place from October 26-28, where you can experience a unique futuristic concept created by renowned British architect Jamie Fobert in person. The see-now-buy-now approach is realised with live digital kiosks and shoppable apps so exhibition goers can be fully immersed in an authentic digital shopping experience. Don’t forget to try out their interactive screens that captures your body movement. 

During this exhibition, you will find more than 100 collaborators and brands, including Alexander Mcqueen, Chloe, Alexander Wang, Thom Browne, Acne Studio, A BATHING APE and many more. This offering will be exhibited at the I.T 30thAnniversary Exhibition and are solely available on ITeSHOP. 

A BATHING APE® for I.T 30 (HK$1,499)

Alexander Wang for I.T 30 (HK$4,999)

A.P.C. for I.T 30 (HK$3,300)

CHLOE for I.T 30 (HK$6,100)

IENKI IENKI for I.T 30 (HK$9,999)

Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO for I.T 30 (HK$1,599)

New Balance for I.T 30 (HK$1,399)

UNDEFEATED for I.T 30 (HK$299)

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