Irisa and Zelia share their beauty-hacks with #legend


Over the past two years, Irisa Wong has started modelling for multi-national fashion brands. From catwalks to photoshoots, Michael Wong’s daughter has a busy work schedule and sometimes posts up to five Instagram posts a day about her projects. To relax, the 24 year old decided to head to the city’s newly opened St Regis Hotel for a stay-cation. #legend caught up with her in her hotel room as she was getting ready to attend a private cocktail and art-viewing evening event. With a smile on her face and a  Tom Ford Traceless Touch Cushion Compact  in her hand, she was able to answer some of our questions.

What is your favourite downtime activity?

Probably just relaxing at home and watching Netflix (or) spend(ing) time with my dog.

What is your first ever makeup makeup product?

I think it was a black eyeliner, I don’t remember the brand though.

What is one product you can never leave your house without?

Lip balm of course!

What is your go- to casual makeup look?

I don’t wear a lot of make up so I love using the Tom Ford Beauty Cushion Compacts because they’re quick and easy to apply and have good coverage too (she smiles as she presses one of the same Cushions against her skin before continuing). Also, I definitely need to do my eyebrows. If I’m not feeling too lazy then I’ll add eyeliner and mascara too!


By the time #legend reached Zelia Zhong, her photoshoot was in full swing. She looked absolutely gorgeous in a dusty-lilac dress, striking poses for the camera. In between shots, the make-up artist on set would step in for touch ups with a Tom Ford Traceless Touch Cushion Compact. It seems to be the go-to product for glam looks these days.

Like Irisa, Zelia is always on the go and was going to meet a friend after the shoot. A casual hang-out calls for casual make-up and we caught up with Zelia in the dressing room as she was putting together a more relaxed look for her evening. Like her make-up artist, Zelia is also pretty fond of using cushion compacts- opting for a Tom Ford Beauty Soleil Cushion Compact this time for a more natural laid-back look.

What do you like / dislike most about your career?

I love my career because it is creative and allows me to play with many different styles. Every project is a new experience because I’m working with so many exciting and innovative brands. The only aspect I ‘dislike’ is when my physical or mental state affects my work. For instance, I don’t like it when I feel especially swollen, or when my lack of sleep affects my ability to perform at my best.

What is one step in your beauty routine you can never skip?

A good makeup base is essential; it’s like a piece of high-quality art paper, it gives you the freedom to apply your makeup in many ways and really helps to elevate the effect of anything product you apply.

What do you look for in a good foundation?

It needs to feel close to the skin and have enough coverage while also being lightweight. It is also a plus when it has anti-oxidant properties and a high SPF.

What is your go-to casual makeup look?

It’s really simple – I apply a thin layer of foundation (the Tom Ford Beauty Soleil Cushion Compact is ideal for this), then I do my brows, add some blush and finally, I add a shade of lipstick that can enhance my overall look. Instead of eyeshadow, I like to keep it clean and add some blush over my eyelids instead. This minimal makeup makes me look and feel younger!

The Soleil Glow Tone Up Foundation Hydrating Cushion Compact and the Traceless Touch Foundation Satin-Matte Cushion Compact are available at Tom Ford Beauty Lane Crawford beauty counters in Harvey Nichols Landmark, IFC Mall and Times Square.

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