In conversation with the founder of jewellery brand SWEETLIMEJUICE

Most of the time, we as humans long for something that’s missing. And to me, SWEETLIMEJUICE is the element that’s been missing in my life. Founded just a year ago, this demi-fine jewellery brand based in London has been stocked in Machine-A, Browns Fashion and GR8 – the three stores where individuals tend to go when they’re trying to find something out of the box. With all the pieces being handmade using certified 925 sterling and mainly from sustainable sources, the brand aims to offer a sensation you can’t find elsewhere. We spoke to the team at SWEETLIMEJUICE to find out more about the brand’s current collection.

How did you come up with the name SWEETLIMEJUICE? 

I want to create bold and experimental demi-fine jewellery pieces that have never been seen before, but still comfortable for people to match with their outfits. As if adding sweetener into a cup of fresh lime juice, it’s both refreshing and satisfying.

What started the idea or sparked the intention to start a jewellery brand?

There weren’t any plans at the beginning. I just found the available jewellery for men in the market was analogous and had a feeling about doing my own thing. I worked with my mentor, Husam El Odeh, and learned along the way since graduating from the London College of Fashion. He then offered me a bench space where I could create. I also had good friends who were familiar with sales and marketing. I felt like somehow things had been planned out for me – and that was how it began.

I read that the products are mainly from sustainable sources. Can you explain in more detail? 

We are not 100% there yet, but we have been trying to improve our production to be more sustainable. We mainly use eco-silver – recycled scrap silver processed through Sempsa in Spain – from our key suppliers, which are Cooksongold and Bellore Rashbel. The denim that we use to wrap the stones are either vintage or dead stock. 

With every piece being handmade and wrapped individually, what is the checklist that you go through before putting it out in the market? 

There’s a long list, including the quality of the denim and thread. The thread can’t be too thin and has to be 100% nylon, because the stone facets are sharp. I also need to make sure the fabric is closing edge to edge – just right so that it doesn’t have any bumps. The one element I want every one of my wrapped stones to have is to keep the yarns hanging on it from fraying. 

What’s the idea that you want your audience to feel from the products? 

I want them to feel like they have seen this before at first glance, so it’ll catch their curiosity. Then they will feel the weight of the piece when they touch it, followed by a sense of familiarity yet surprise – the combination of the fabric and silver, something that they come across a lot in daily life, in a new form. 

With your collection split, it dives into the concept of the complex mind of visionary individuals. Who’s your ideal customer?

Kendrick Lamar, Daniel Arsham, Pharrell Williams, Michèle Lamy and Oh Hyuk. People who understand the rules and break them with respect. 

Who are your #legends?

Louise Bourgeois, Shaun Leane, Judy Blame and Stephen Jones.

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