In conversation with Jane Lau (aka Janechuck) on her skincare brand Chuck’s

Malaysian-born influencer Jane Lau, also known as Jane Chuck across social media platforms, is a woman of many talents. She’s a DJ, blogger, photographer, model, artist, and now, entrepreneur. Last year, Jane launched her very own skincare line Chuck’s offering sheet masks in very Instagrammable packaging.

In just over a year since Chuck’s launched, Jane has managed to cultivate a strong customer base and have earned raving product reviews. Since the launch, Chuck’s has expanded its line with a few other face mask products and even their very own merchandise. We spoke to Jane to find out more about the current collection and what her plans are for the brand. 

How did you come up with the name Chuck’s ?

I go by the name Janechuck online but decided to name it Chuck’s instead of Jane Chuck because it’s easier to work with and build a persona around it, and yet it’s still connected to me. Chuck to me is a very versatile name!

When and how did you come up with the concept of Chuck’s? 

I had this idea 3 years ago; I didn’t want Chuck’s to be just a beauty brand but also a brand that brings out messages. Hence the concept plays a lot on celebrating individuality. We want to be that secret friend who always supports your feelings. 

Being one of the OG influencers, did your journey in the industry help you come up with the branding of Chuck’s ? 

Definitely. I have experience with marketing and I learnt what works and what wouldn’t. I’ve worked with brands and sometimes there are limitations for creativity due to certain protocols. Hence Chuck’s is an outlet for me to express my inner creativity. Also, my brand is heavily inspired by my followers. 

With sheet masks being the main product of the line, what’s so special about them? 

Yes. Our sheet masks are very concentrated and all ingredients are EWG green. You don’t really find many brands that give such a generous amount of ingredients with our price point.

What inspires me the most is the packaging of the mask, Self Love. What message do you want to convey to your customers or followers?

I wanted to remind them that everyone has their way of Self Love. Everyone experiences different things in life, and this is where Chuck’s come in – to let them know self love must always come first.

How do you balance the life of being an influencer, a new-wed and being a successful entrepreneur? 

It is not an easy process. I always believe in give and take. Hence, there’s a lot of sacrifices here and there to balance in between. I believe in investing in people, hence I have a great team to work with.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to others who want to start their own skincare/beauty line? 

Always asks questions, or get some people around you to ask questions about your brand. If you find some questions that you are uncertain and unable to answer, then those are the areas you have to work on harder. 

 I’m personally in love with the visuals on the website and on Chuck’s Instagram page, especially the short videos you did for Valentine’s Day. Do you come up with them yourself? 

I have a creative director, Mandy, to help me on creating content. I’ve been working with her for a very long time personally, and we have common interests on creative directions. There’s a lot of crazy ideas! And I want Chuck’s to also be a creative outlet for the audience and not just a beauty brand.

What’s next for Chuck’s? 

We are constantly planning for new things for Chuck’s, and there will be new products launching hopefully by this year.

Who are your #legends?

Kanye West, Aimee Song, Kris Jenner, Rihanna

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