TV Shows brought to life by IKEA’s Real Life series

IKEA just got creative with their advertising. Drawing on the popularity of, well, pop-culture, they recently released images of furniture modelled after and arranging according to three iconic living rooms. So now, instead of saying no to the boring brown couch, buyers can proudly say that they have a piece of The Simpson’s living room in their home. 

They released pictures of furniture arrangements using The Simpsons, Stranger Things and Friends show sets as blue prints. As part of their Real Life series, they sent so far as to categorise each arrangement. Room for Families with The Simpsons’ poppy, cartoony colour palette. Room for Mates featuring all the ’90s nostalgia of Friends, and a great play on words. Sadly, it doesn’t include the huge clunky phones that were so iconic in that era. And finally, Room for Everyone brings us back to modern times with Stranger Things.

Room for Mates certainly has the most furniture available, naturally, with Room for Everyone and Room for Families following close after. It will certainly be interesting to see which set they want to recreate next. 

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