Luxury Hong Kong jewellers K.S. Sze & Sons

K.S. Sze & Sons at Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

Hong Kong-based jewellers K. S. Sze & Sons have roots dating back all the way to 1949, where Mr. K.S. Sze opened his first shop in Shanghai before moving to Hong Kong and setting up shop at the iconic Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong in 1963. Specialising in bespoke pieces crafted with the highest quality pearls, gemstones, diamonds and gold, K. S. Sze & Sons have provided some of the city’s finest with pieces that are passed down from generation to generation.

Dr. Sze

We spoke to Dr. Sze about their signature pieces, how the jewellery market is changing to suit millennials and their partnership with The HUB as the title sponsor of their Crazy Rich Asian’s charity ball at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong:

How did your partnership with The HUB Hong Kong come about?

Giving back to society has always been important to K. S. Sze & Sons. Dating back a couple of decades ago, my father, the late Mr. K.S. Sze, founder of K.S. Sze & Sons, was one of the principals of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals in 1963. For the past years, K. S. Sze & Sons has supported many charitable institutions, helping the less fortunate and those in need. The HUB Hong Kong is an organization which helps children in poverty and we welcome any opportunities to be able to give them a hand.

A classic ring encrusted with diamonds

K. S. Sze & Sons dates back to the 1920s. Are there still any jewelry pieces dating back from that period?

We do have a rare jade strand which was collected by my father many years ago and was a gift from my father to my wife. Passing down to the next generation is always one of the great things about buying fine jewellery.  Our colleagues who have been serving our customers for over 40 years have jewellery for their own use as well as for their children and grandchildren. They also keep their jewellery as heritage pieces to pass on to their children.

What sets K.S. Sze & Sons apart from other jewelers and what is the passion of the Sze family?

Exquisite workmanship, word of mouth and bespoke jewellery have always been our mantra over the years.  Our team takes pride to be the consultant and personal jeweller of our customers and to make creative ideas become possible. We have a slogan: “Imagine the possibility”, which means you can use your imagination and we will make it a reality.

My late father considered jewelry as the love of his life. His passion for jewellery is monumental. I come from a different world of planetary science and environmental protection. I find that the planetary system is another form of art. I spent a lot of time studying the planet Venus. Coincidentally, my father named the shop with the Chinese name “Gold Star” which translates to “Venus”.  I feel I am bringing this traditional jewellery shop into a new era by collaborating with international brands and also fine arts and matching this with an appreciation of art history and culture.

An element of art and design goes into all of their pieces

What are some of your most signature pieces?

We collect European antique and vintage jewellery, dating back from the Edwardian era and the Art Deco period.  We also have rare south sea pearl strands of extremely high quality with pearls as large as 20mm in size, which are very difficult to collect, particularly when matching size, color and luster.

How has the jewellery industry changed over the last decade? What trends are you seeing right now?

We have to admit that the millennials have different values compared to the older generation and this is gradually changing the jewelry world. It inspires us to present more casual and lifestyle-oriented designs instead of the traditional, noble and aristocratic characteristics.

The styles may have changed over the decades but the purpose of owning valuable jewellery remains unchanged.  They once said “Diamonds are forever” but for me: “Jewellery is forever”. The confidence jewellery can give you will not depreciate.

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