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Arceau Cavales: A new styish Hermès watch to fall in love with

Sep 14, 2018

The Hermès Arceau Cavales in white 36 mm and 23 mm

Hermès first debuted their watch collection at SIHH back in January 2018 and brought some new excitement with their theme “Let’s Play” to the usually stiff and technically conservative crowd. 

We then saw the Arceux Casaque collection, which they unveiled in four vibrant colors based on one of its most recognizable collections designed by Henri d’Origny in 1978, Hermès' legendary and celebrated creative director.

Their latest younger sister model Arceau Cavales features a familiar asymmetrical stirrup-shaped lug,s also designed by Henri d’Origny, which gives this new model a new bling look. Everything about this model is skillfully thought out and demonstrates an elegant ability never to take oneself too seriously.

The 28 mm model in black

When it comes to watches, the more diamonds you can fit on the better. You might like to know the 36 mm and 28 mm diameter models feature an inner bezel ring embellished with an unusual light gem-setting. 70 or 60 diamonds light up a white mother-of-pearl marquetry dial reproducing the famous “Cavales” equestrian motif. The new black 28 mm diameter version is equipped with 56 diamonds but this time on its bezel. 

One thing I don’t understand is why they don’t make the black version even bigger, you know, just for me.

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