Halloween makeup tutorials from Face Slap

With All Hallows Eve falling on a Tuesday this year, all the biggest Halloween parties in Hong Kong are happening this weekend. This year, leave the sexy cat at home, and bring the fright to whatever event you’re going to with these two spooky looks – courtesy of Face Slap, Asia’s leading body art company. Watch as they transform two of the Ophelia dancers into an extra-creepy Pennywise and a stunning crystal skull.

Makeup Transformation: Pennywise from IT

You actually don’t need a ton of supplies to make this look: black eyeshadow, red eyeshadow, black Face Slap face paint (or gel eyeliner will do!), a makeup sponge and some pale foundation will do, though patience and a steady hand definitely help.

Makeup Transformation: Crystal Skull

A quick word of warning: this crystal skull Halloween look takes a lot of time, but it’s worth it in the end. Using your skulls natural face as a template is the key to pulling this off. Following the natural curves of your cheeks and your temples when applying the makeup will make it look more realistic. Pro tip: use eyelash glue to stick the stones on, it’s easy to peel off at the end of a long night! 

Special thanks to Body Slap for these incredible Halloween looks, and to Ophelia for the beautiful filming location and models. 

Make up artist IT / Linda Miao Li
Make up artist Crystal Skull / Nina Griffee
Location / Ophelia
IT model / Linda Elizabeth Tran
Crystal Skull model / Simone Meuser
Filmed by / Marta Columbo 

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