Gucci Unveils #GucciGram Tian, Where Art Meets Fashion Meets Instagram

#GucciGram by David Chan

When Gucci announced #GucciGram last year, we wondered why no one else had thought of it before. Under the invitation of creative director Alessandro Michele, artists and illustrators from around the world were invited to remix and reinterpret the iconic Gucci Blooms and Gucci Caleido motifs in whichever way they see fit. With submissions ranged from short movies, to selfies, to paintings and collages, the creativity that spewed forth was astounding, all of which were proudly posted onto social media, to be liked, followed and shared.

Now, Gucci is back for round two. Exploring the beautiful, pastel tones of the new Gucci Tian pattern, online illustrators and image-makers are again invited to give it a fresh perspective, however eclectic they may be.

In Chinese, ‘Tian’ means sky or heaven, and the print, referencing Chinese birds and flowers, is inspired by tapestries dating back to the 10th century. Almost as if Gucci is returning the source of its inspiration back to its roots, all the contributors Michele has invited for the project are Asian artists. Among the new submissions, notable artists include Cao Fei, who places a pair of Tian slippers she created herself against the setting of today’s industrialised China; Cheng Ran, who presents a surly-faced kitten with the Tian pattern swirling in the background; and Jaesuk Kim, who features his own illustration of a woman in a tree lounging over the brand’s Padlock bag. There were video submissions too, including the one above by Shinyoung Kim.

View all the artworks below, or visit for more.

#GucciGram by Aaajiao

#GucciGram by AcneStories

#GucciGram by Cao Fei

#GucciGram by Charles Loh

#GucciGram by Chen Tianzhuo

#GucciGram by Chen Wei

#GucciGram by Cheng Ran

#GucciGram by Chinami

#GucciGram by Fajar P. Domingo

#GucciGram by Gu Ye

#GucciGram by Jaesuk Kim

#GucciGram by Kelbin Lei

#GucciGram by Kong Lingnan

#GucciGram by Lee Kyutae

#GucciGram by Manoth

#GucciGram by Phannapast Taychamaythakool

#GucciGram by Phannapast Taychamaythakool

#GucciGram by Phannapast Taychamaythakool

#GucciGram by Q-TA

#GucciGram by Red Hong Yi

#GucciGram by Teresa Lim

#GucciGram by Ton Mak

#GucciGram by Yile Yang

#GucciGram by Yoshito Hasaka

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