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Four high fashion meme accounts that have improved my life

Oct 15, 2018

Working in fashion has its perks for sure, but there's a certain amount of grounding needed in order to keep your sanity. Whether that decides to take form in weekly gong meditation sessions, annual trips to Burning Man or perhaps a chakra cleansing retreat to Marrakech, depends on the individual. Though Devil Wears Prada is a complete over dramatisation of what one should expect on the daily while working in this industry, the stereotypes haven't fabricated from nothing. I can understand why there's a certain presumption of snobbery that comes with working in fashion, but at the end of the day, acknowledging the frivolity of it all makes you remember that it's all in good fun. Fashion meme accounts are the fashion version of 9GAG or LADbible; with humour geared towards those within the fashion stratosphere. Here are four Instagram accounts you should follow and browse through for a little mid-afternoon pick me up. 

We've written about Diet Prada and the duo's analytical fashion commentary, but also allow us to introduce to you Ron Weasley for Dior Homme Spring/ Summer 2018.


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Gryffindior is a fashion meme account with a creative focus on styling looks for the cast members of Harry Potter. Have you seen Draco Malfoy for Saint Laurent? 

And in case you forgot, Dobby was on Karl's personal seeding list for Chanel FW14.

High fashion meme accounts like these are running rampant on Instagram. Adding humility back into fashion that can sometimes feel a little unapproachable ... do you remember the puffer jacket trend from last fall winter season?


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May (@itsmaysmemes) has allowed us to never forget why we all decided to trot around in large puffy flotation devices in the name of fashion. 


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Definitely real

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Drake demonstrating how to wear a life vest

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Siduations is account based on fashion imagery in everyday situations, like this post of a girl with her carved pumpkin. 

Have you seen the original crop of Bella Hadid's Allure cover?

Or a royal mirror selfie? Conceptual Art Director, Freddie Smithson, has her highness herself sporting a Vetements DHL shirt. 


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Special delivery

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His work consists of public figures on their off days with the streetwear fits. 


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Lemonade #freddiemade

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As you can see, the industry in itself understands how extra fashion can be. Fashion meme culture is a growing trend and we hope to see more humorous creative directors, illustrators, and photoshop connoisseurs putting out imagery to poke fun at the ridiculousness our industry has to offer.  

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