Dior’s new youth-capturing products will restore your skin in record time

The Age-Delay Resurfacing Water contains rich papaya enzymes to buff away dead skin cells

The concept of beauty and skincare is a very personal thing – and increasingly, consumers are of the mindset that there’s no fool-proof regimen to follow or one tried-and-tested formula for all. In cosmetics, brands are waking up to the fact that consumers need diversity; in skincare, users are calling for customisation. 

Dior, always one step ahead of the game, turned to predictive medicine in its quest to fight skin ageing. So many new discoveries have been made in human genetics and in turn, used to update and improve medical practices. So why can’t that same research be applied to skincare? Dior came out with the Capture Youth line last year, the first proactive mix-and-match regimen that takes customisation to its core. It became the brand’s first customisable programme; each of its five active serums are used alongside its Age-Delay Advanced Crème to deliver the kind of skin protection its users needed – be it plumping, mattifying, redness soothing, illuminating or lifting. 

The latest addition to the Capture Youth line are the Intense Rescue, the Age-Delay Revitalizing Oil-Serum and the Age-Delay Resurfacing Water

This year, Dior strengthened its mix-and-match approach with a new serum dedicated to soothing stressed skin (something every student and working woman will certainly understand). Designed as a hero product, the Intense Rescue Age-Delay Revitalizing Oil-Serum helps restore lipids and protect skin that’s dehydrated and fatigued by seasonal stress. Skin lacking in lipids can no longer maintain moisture within the epidermis, and aggressions such as prolonged air-conditioning can lead to dry, flaky skin and premature ageing. The new oil-serum – containing argan oil, fatty acids from tamanu (an oilseed from Asia) and the antioxidant iris florentina – acts like a “reset” button and helps the skin restore itself in record time. 

 The Intense Rescue oil serum can be used in three different ways to suit your most pressing needs: with the Age-Delay cream, as an overnight remedy or as a soothing concentrate

Like all the other serums released last year, one or two drops of the new Intense Rescue can be mixed with the Age-Delay Advanced Crème to suit users’ needs. Used alone, the oil-serum can act as an overnight treatment for total recovery during your sleep, or gently dabbed on problem areas such as the lips or smile lines for immediate comfort. 

The Capture Youth line has also been extended this year to include a new lotion, the Age-Delay Resurfacing Water. Rich with exfoliating papaya enzymes and iris florentina, the lotion gently buffs away dead skin cells and simultaneously stimulates cell renewal. 

These days, beauty is no longer about anti-ageing; instead, it’s all about prolonging youth. Taking care of your skin and protecting it from damage is no longer something you start when you’re older – it’s something you start now. If you haven’t considered anti-ageing products before, now is the perfect time.

This feature originally appeared in the January/February 2019 print issue of #legend  

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