From Masterpiece London 2020 to Hong Kong: Up close with Cindy Chao’s bejewelled masterpieces

CINDY CHAO The Art Jewel was founded in 2004 by jewellery artist Cindy Chao. Today, the brand can be found in museums, auctions and private exhibitions throughout the world, as well as in exclusive private showrooms across Hong Kong and Taipei.

Her cult following includes A-list celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Amy Adams, Salma Hayek and Li Bing Bing, and the brand has become one of Hollywood’s go-to jewellers for red carpet events.

In tandem with Cindy Chao’s latest showing at Masterpiece London 2020’s online platform, Chao is hosting an exclusive event in her Hong Kong private showroom from 22-30 June, where VIPs can get up close and personal with the latest Black Label Masterpieces.

This is the third year that Cindy Chao has taken part in Masterpiece London, an annual art fair where visitors can view and buy the finest works of art, design, furniture and jewellery – from antiquity to the present day. Running from June 22 to 28, Masterpiece London 2020 has gone virtual for the first time so that connoisseurs can peruse and purchase their favourite pieces from the comfort of their own home. 

Take a closer look at some of the latest pieces from Cindy Chao’s Black Label Masterpieces collection:

2020 Black Label Masterpiece II
“Green Plumule Brooch” 

The Green Plumule Brooch features 487 pieces of fancy-cut emeralds, totalling 172.58 carats. In order to create a realistic 3D effect, the emeralds are set in an interlacing, embossment-like manner with 14 barbs, all linked to the yellow diamond-paved rachis with flexible joints that give life and motion to the masterpiece. 

2020 Black Label Masterpiece V
“Cameron Falls Earrings”

The 2020 Black Label Masterpiece V “Cameron Falls Earrings” takes inspiration from the pinkish Cameron Falls in the Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada, thanks to the pink sedimentary rocks in the region. 

The earrings feature a pair of natural conch pearls of over five carats each, each pouring lavishly streams of pink sapphires and purple garnets. The movement of water is then depicted using diamonds and fancy-coloured rose-cut diamonds.

2020 Black Label Masterpiece VI
“Reflection Bangle”

In celebration of the brand’s 15th anniversary, CINDY CHAO has unveiled the latest iteration of “Reflection Bangle”, a collection inspired by Chinese landscape paintings that merges innovative design with revolutionary craftsmanship. 

Using seven bright non-heated Ceylon sapphires, each ranging from 8 to 18 carats, the gemstones, which Chao and her team have collected over the past decade, have an unusual warm and elegant touch. They are juxtaposed to another cluster of rose-cut sapphires, as a way to create a seemingly mirroring effect. Brilliant-cut diamonds and fancy- coloured diamonds are spread over on both sides of the bangle, symbolising shimmering ripples. 

2019 Black Label Masterpiece X
“Emerald Ribbon Brooch” 

At the centre of the 2019 Black Label Masterpiece X “Emerald Ribbon Brooch” is a rarely-seen vivid green Colombian emerald in octagonal cut of 38.68 carats. Its surrounding ribbons are set with over 2,600 gems, with the contour highlighted by sapphires, green sapphires and colour-changing alexandrites. What’s more, the Emerald Ribbon Brooch’s upper layer is equipped with a flexible mechanism, allowing the piece to tremble ever so slightly when it is worn by the collector.

CINDY CHAO private viewing in Hong Kong

Apart from being exhibited at Masterpiece London’s online platform from 22-28 June 2020, the Black Label Masterpieces pieces are available for exclusive viewing at the brand’s private showroom in Hong Kong from now until 30 June.

For more details, please visit CINDY CHAO The Art Jewel

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