The Bugatti Type 390 is a perfect work of watch-auto synergy

The Bugatti Type 390

What happens when the power and finesse of a Bugatti Chiron is combined with the elegance and timelessness of a Parmigiani Fleurier watch? The Bugatti Type 390 happens. Described as “an engine block on the wrist”, this timepiece brings the essence of the world’s most powerful engine to a unique horological creation.

It’s an unapologetically direct design, with no frills or unnecessary decoration. The 390, much like the Chiron, is all about performance, and it’s this synchronism of thought that brought the two companies together back in 2004. Their partnership began with the revolutionary Bugatti Type 370, and fast-forward 14 years later, and they’re still turning heads with this latest creation.

A watch dedicated to pure performance

The product of four years of development, the Bugatti Type 390 is a super limited-edition timepiece, only 10 in each colour are available, designed to fully embody the Bugatti Chiron. Where the supercar has an 8-litre, 1500-hp quad-turbocharged W16 engine, the watch as a Calibre PF390 with cylindrical “engine”, including two series-mounted barrels (a nod to the car’s saddle tank) and 80-hours of reserve power.

When it comes the watch’s specs, there’s no shortage of innovations to fawn over: The world’s smallest ball bearing, a modular construction with fully removable movement, and a revolutionary worm screw that allows the time to be displayed on an incline perfect for drivers, make it a first in the watchmaking world. Looking at all the innovations, it’s clear why it took four years to create.

The Bugatti Type 390 is inspired by the curves of the Bugatti Chiron

The design, inspired by the curves of the Bugatti Chiron, is sporty, elegant and high-performance. The gold case, available in yellow, rose and white, can pivot 12 degrees around its drive shaft to ensure a perfect fit on any wrist. A large opening allows the wearer to look straight into the timepiece’s heart and observe the incredibly complex mechanisms at work. It’s finished with a beautiful Hermès alligator leather strap and gold folding buckle.

If you want to know more about this limited-edition watch, and the Bugatti x Parmigiani Fleurier partnership, our Creative Director Gordon Lam attended the exclusive launch last year. Read all about it here.

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