Bizarre Beauty Treatments to Try in 2017

Would you dare try these treatments in the name of beauty?

Since the earliest days of humanity, we have been searching for the elusive Fountain of Youth; zealously hunting for any secret that so much as hints at defying time, restoring youth, or adding beauty. The ancient Romans had chalk, the Edwardians relied on lead, and we have vampire facials, IV infusions and so much more. If you’re looking for a new beauty regime, we’ve selected our five favourite and unusual treatments to have you looking your best all year long.

Vampire Facials

This slightly macabre beauty regime burst onto the scene in 2013 when Kim Kardashian dramatically documented the whole process. It’s a non-surgical way to boost collagen production, making the skin appear younger, and more rejuvenated. So how does it work? Eight millilitres of blood is taken from your arm and placed into a centrifuge to isolate the Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, which contains growth factors and healing properties perfect for reviving skin. This is then injected into the desired areas through microneedling, which inspires collagen production. You can also try a ‘Vampire Facelift’, which combines the same techniques with hyaluronic acid fillers to lift, fill and shape the face. Try it yourself, if you dare, at Dr Lauren Bramley & Partners in Central.

Dr Lauren Bramley & Partner’s ‘Vampire Facelift’ is priced at HK$11,700 per session.

Dr Lauren Bramley & Partners, 9/F, Pacific House, 20 Queen’s Road Central. For an appointment contact +852 2877 6068.

Dr Lauren Bramley & Partner’s

Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas are the future of a timeless tradition. Humans as early as 3200 BC have flocked to the sweat houses for health and social reasons. Traditionally, saunas involved steam formed with hot rocks, but today many are powered by infrared light, which is absorbed deep into the skin for maximum results. Because of the efficiency of the light, the room itself remains at a comfortable, even mild, temperature. Just thirty minutes is all you need to improve circulation, sooth achey muscles, and detox the blood. You can even burn up to 700 calories a session, which is more than an average 5k run. Try it for yourself at The Skin Gym, Central’s only salon with an infrared sauna. Their lovely team will set you up in a one-person sauna, and supply you with everything you need for your post-steam shower.

The Skin Gym’s Infrared Sauna is priced at HK$300 per session, with packages and trial offers available.

The Skin Gym, 21/F, Room 6, The Centrium, 60 Wyndham Street. For an appointment contact +852 2810 8088 or email [email protected].

Infrared saunas

Solid Gold Facial

Gold, a timeless symbol of radiance, beauty, and now, rejuvenation. Top spas across the world are using the precious metal to firm up skin and fight free-radicals that cause signs of aging. By massaging leaves of 24-karat gold into the skin, or using gold nanoparticles suspended in serum, the element’s antioxidant properties can sink deep into the skin and speed up elastin production. It’s opulent, instagramable, and it’s devotees swear by its effectivity. Gild yourself in the most luxurious way possible at The Peninsula Hong Kong Spa.

The Peninsula Hong Kong offers a 90 minute, 24 Carat Pure Gold Facial priced at HK$3,900.

The Peninsula Hong Kong, Salisbury Road, Kowloon. For appointments please call +852 2696 6682 or email [email protected]

The Peninsula Hong Kong


Somewhere between medicine and science fiction, is cryotherapy. By surrounding the body with glacial temperatures that go as low as -134 degrees Celcius, the treatment is known to reduce inflammation and aches, while creating a more youthful appearance overall by tightening the skin. It’s simple and efficient: step into a futuristic pod wearing nothing more than socks and mittens and spend the next three minutes being blasted with cold, dry air. As your temperature lowers, your body will enter into survival mode. You white blood cell count will increase to boost immunity, and endorphins will flood into the blood stream to increase circulation, which in turn increases detoxifying oxygen levels. The adrenalin that’s produced also helps boost your mood, so you leave happier and healthier. Try it at Polaris Wellness, Hong Kong’s only cryotherapy centre.

Polaris Wellness offers three-minute cryotherapy sessions for HK$900.

Polaris Wellness, 10/F, Lee Theatre, 99 Percival Street, Causeway Bay. For appointments please call +852 2446 6163 or email [email protected].

Polaris Hong Kong

IV infusions

Absorb nutrients directly into your system with a power-packed, IV-drip. This latest trend, endorsed by celebrities around the world, claims to boost immunity, cure hangovers, increase energy and leave your skin with a divine glow. The whole process takes about 45 minutes, and within an hour you’ll be feeling the benefits which can last up to four days. Certain centres even offer customised drips for ultimate results. Get your glow on at Reviv Hong Kong, a new and very welcome addition to the city’s wellness offerings.

Reviv Hong Kong’s IV treatments begin at HK$798 per session.

Reviv Hong Kong, Suit 2202, 1 Duddell Street, Central. For appointments please call +852 2530 9882.

Reviv HK

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