Discovering Ayurveda in Hong Kong

The Shiordara technique for fabulous sleep

“I have a thick, oily, big nose”. That was my first introduction to the basic principles of Ayurveda, an ancient medical system from India. I was filling out a questionnaire to determine my Dosha, or body type.

For the uninitiated, there are three different Doshas, each based off of the elements. Vata, is the Air & Ether type, characterised by a tall, slender frame, dry skin, and a creative mind; Pitta is the Fire & Water type, recognisable by their reddish, flushed skin, intense dreams, and strong oration skills. The final Dosha is Kapha, that of Water & Earth. Kappa’s are often heavily built, with excellent memories, and apparently thick, oily big noses. I am, of course, predominantly Kapha. 

It’s all rather complicated, and when done fully Ayurveda encompasses diet, exercise and even meditation. Or, you can dip your toe in and start with massages and lovely oils. I prefer the later, which is lucky because the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong has just introduced a range of new products and treatments from Subtle Energies, a family-run Ayurveda aromatherapy company based out of Australia. The founder, Farida Irani, a student of the practice for decades, uses sustainable sources and pure ingredients to create blends previously unheard of in Western aromatherapy. All the products are made in Australia, certified Cruelty Free, and free of paragons, mineral oils, silicones and artificial fragrances.

Subtle Energies trained the Four Season’s spa team on Ayurveda principles, from which they were able to develop two treatments. The Mindful Release Facial is a revitalising combination of Indian acupuncture points and floral oils, and the Shiordara is an oil dripping therapy that is supposed to work wonders for those with sleep-related issues. The spa also carries a line of Subtle Energies products so you can begin to incorporate a more mindful, Ayurevda approach to life, according to your Dosha of course!

The 90 minute and 120 minute treatments are priced at HKD 2,570 and HKD 3,450 respectively Monday to Thursday and HKD 2,850 and HKD 3,730 respectively on weekends and public holidays. For reservations, email [email protected].

Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, 8 Finance Street, Central 3196 8888

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