Apple Founder Steve Jobs’ Seiko Watch Auctioned for US$42,500

Steve Job's quartz Seiko watch (Courtesy: Heritage Auctions)

​It is only a quartz Seiko from the 1980s, but at a recent auction, the nondescript watch sold for a whopping US$42,500, and it has everything to do with Steve Jobs.

The otherwise unremarkable watch was not only worn daily by Jobs, it made an appearance on one of the most iconic photographs ever taken of the legendary Apple founder. A 1984 image by renowned photographer Norman Seeff of Jobs with the very first Macintosh computer on his lap shows him wearing the Seiko, no doubt making the watch a covetable piece of history.

1984 image of Steve Jobs and the first Macintosh computer taken by Norman Seeff (Courtesy: Heritage Auctions)

Other Jobs memorabilia were also available at the auction conducted by Heritage Auctions. All authenticated by long-time house manager Mark Sheff, other auctioned items include a pair of Birkenstocks that went over US$2,000.

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