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Yo! Elevado with Tequila Avión

Sep 06, 2017

What: Yo! Elevado
When: August 13, 2017
Where: Play, Central 

Tequila Avión and #legend took over Play last month, for a raucous launch of their two newest tequilas. Guests, which included JJ Acuna, Xuan Mu, Angus Wong, Fiona Man, Patrick Wenko, Kirsten McLennan, Carlo Aquino, Charlene Yeung, Natalie Wong, Rose Chiu, Christoffer Cheng, Cecilia Ngan, Kazimierz Worrall, Loretta Chow, Jimmy Yu, Vivian Choi, Morgan Rousseau Le Guyader, Robin Smith, Gordon Lam, Paul Anthony Taylor , Xuan Mu, Heidi Rockowitz, Sydney Rocowitz and Marcy Millar among many others, had the opportunity to enjoy the first taste of the premium Reserva44, and their new espresso flavoured tequila. Both are now exclusively available at Play, and definitely worth trying on your next big night out. 

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