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The World's First Hoverbike Is Unveiled

Feb 27, 2017

Russian startup Hoversurf has created the world's first hoverbike, a combination of a four-rotor drone and a motorcycle. The 'extreme sports instrument', named the Scorpion-3, implanted familiar motorcycle controls into a futuristic design, making it easy for drivers to operate without special training. To oversimplify the physics, the Scorpion-3 uses clockwise and counter-clockwise rotors to change altitude and direction, while its built-in safety system limits its range and velocity to prevent loss of control and rider injury. While the Scorpion-3 is certainly not the first of its kind— Dubai hopes to introduce flying taxis before 2018, the United States military is working on a drone to aid soldiers in the field, and Aerofex is democratising flight with their low-altitude Aero-X vehicle— it is the only one created specifically for extreme sport. Once the machine is licensed for public use, Hoversurf hopes that it will become a common sight at X-games and technology events.

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