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Clear your schedule for the Wild Turkey Street Party happening this month

Jan 17, 2018

The Wild Turkey visitor's centre in Kentucky

Hong Kong loves a trend, that can’t be denied. One minute, we’re head over heels for craft cocktails, the next minute it’s all about local craft beers. But one thing seems to remain eternal: the city’s love for whisky. Whether it comes from Ireland, Scotland or Japan we just can’t get enough. But what about America’s unique whiskey, bourbon?

You may have head the old adage: all bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon. Well, it’s true. By definition, a bourbon is a whiskey made in America from at least 51 per cent corn, stored in charred-oak barrels, and entered into the barrel at 125-proof. There are many bourbon brands on the market, but one of the most iconic (and oldest) is Wild Turkey.

Wild Turkey 101-proof

Made in Kentucky by master distiller Eddie Russell, they have been crafting their bourbon the same way since 1855. Wild Turkey uses naturally filtered watered, non-GMO grain and an original yeast strain (in use for over 60 years) to create their bourbon. They age their bourbon in a No. 4 “alligator” char, the deepest available, for at least five years to get their distinctive flavour.

If you find this even the tiniest bit interesting, then clear your diary for January 30, because Eddie Russell is coming to Hong Kong for an exclusive showcase of Wild Turkey Bourbon’s distilling, ageing and production processed called “Road to Wild Turkey”. A legend in the industry, Russell is the son of Wild Turkey Bourbon Master Distiller Jimmy Russell, so bourbon is in his blood.

Wild Turkey Bourbon Master Distiller Eddie Russell

Over the two days, Russell will lead Hong Kong’s bar industry experts on a mini Wild Turkey Bourbon trail, hitting up Lily & Bloom for a bourbon and food pairing, The Old Man for a bourbon tasting and Stockton for a crash-course in bourbon production. Though these are invite only, anyone can head to the last event of his visit: the Wild Turkey Street Party at Brickhouse. You can pay on the door, and every ticket includes a taco and two Wild Turkey cocktails.

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