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10 Questions for Wedfolks’ Samantha Shan and Sudhee Liao

Sep 13, 2016

Samantha Lam Wai Shan and Sudhee Liao of Wedfolks

How did you decide to get into the wedding industry?

Sudhee Liao (SL): Both of us were passionate about writing and everything creative and nice. Weddings was something that we always thought was something worth celebrating for. What we quickly realized was that we see a lot of gorgeous wedding all around the world, but most of the time, we couldn’t get our hands on. When we saw there were such a solid bunch of local talents, we couldn’t help but share their works. So we thought, “why not start a platform that is specially curated for the wedding folks in Hong Kong.”

Beyond the Fog wedding shoot, courtesy of Wedfolks

Describe your criteria for a great proposal.

SL: There should not have to be a need for a criteria when it comes to a wedding proposal. I’m sure there will be lots of anxiety, what to say and what not to say. But ultimately, what is most important is sincerity, acceptance, love and a lifelong commitment. 

What is one wedding trend you are sick of?

Samantha Shan (SS): Having the same dress and outfit for all the bridesmaids, try to play around with different colours for the dress or even different styles. No one dress fits all. 

What’s your favourite wedding trend of this year?

SS: Crop top & two-piece wedding dress, less is more. For coming year, we could see the trend of having no dress at all. Pants or craftily caped jumpsuit with lace veil would be leading the trend.

Beyond the Fog wedding shoot, courtesy of Wedfolks

What are questions to keep in mind when deciding which wedding planner to use for the day?

SL: A wedding planner is someone whom you would spend a lot of time discussing and planning with. It is important you and your finance pick someone compatible to both your needs.

Any tips for the alcohol intolerant wedding party?

SL: How about going creative with mocktails? Or fruit-infused sparkling water? (For those who wants to cut down on calories). These options goes well with kids too! 

What should couples splurge on for a wedding?

SS: The Videography and photography; they are making records on one of the most important moments in life. 

Beyond the Fog wedding shoot, courtesy of Wedfolks

What makes a good first dance song?

SS: A song which contains a beautiful memory, something that is uniquely theirs.

What are some great wedding gifts ideas?

SS: DIY gifts are always the best. Comes straight from the heart. 

What advice would you give bridesmaids?

SL: Plan ahead, be a team player. Stay present, do not get wasted! Always be prepared for the worse. And do not bitch about that dress! ​


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Photo credits:

Coordinator: Wedfolks
Photographer:  Androidsin Boots Wedding
Videographer: Bozz Wedding
Model: @mmm1122 & @ngaichakchak
Decoration setup: MATCH event production & Amen Florist & Decor
Blue wedding gown: Noel Chu Atelier
White vintage wedding gown: Cocoon Bridal
Tuxedo: Benjamin Barker
MUA: MarryCan.makeup
Florist for bride's bouquet, ring and bracelet: Hahahaflorist
Paper florist: Paper Play Design
Calligraphy: Words and Ribbons
Cake: A Legna Pâtisseries
Hair accessories and accessories: Down the Aisle Atelier
Bow tie: Novios Design Studio

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