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UNCVR Co-Founder Andrea Cheng ​Talks Fashion, Ethics and Guilty Pleasures

Apr 11, 2017

Andrea Cheng in her dream role at UNCVR

What inspired you to start UNCVR?

We wanted to create an online platform that made shopping simple for men. In a world overloaded with information and different styles, we wanted to simplify things. We target men who don’t have the time to shop or don’t enjoy shopping.

What’s the most important aspect of the company to you? 

The people first. When our team is happy, we are able to focus on our vision of providing quality product and service.

What are your favourite fairtrade or ethical companies? 

Everlane, because of the transparency on their production costs and the factories with which they work.

What’s the coolest fashion item you own? 

My statement necklace from Dylanlex.

What’s the one fashion item you wished you could own? 

On my wish list is a dress from Balmain.

When were you happiest? 

I was happiest most recently when I quit my office job to start UNCVR.

What’s on your playlist right now? 

Sam Feldt, Hungry Eyes.

What are your must-have travel items? 

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturiser and my headphones.

What’s your worst habit? 

Chocolate everything. 

Of the four fashion capitals – New York, London, Paris and Milan – which is your favourite and why?

New York because I love the energy of the city, the endless amount of things to do and the food.

You can only wear one outfit for the rest of your life. What is it?

White T-shirt and jeans.

How do you keep fit?

High-intensity interval and weight training, followed a healthy poke bowl at Aloha in Central.

What’s your least favourite workout? 

High-intensity interval and weight training, but I love how I feel afterwards.

How do you unwind? 

Hot stone and deep tissue massages.

What’s your guilty pleasure? 

The La Speculos crepe from Fleur de Sel in Causeway Bay.

What’s your poison of choice? 

I try to stay away from all kinds of poison.

Who is your style icon? 

Stylist Monica Rose. 

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