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Top Looks from Gucci’s New Collection

Feb 24, 2017

The show's finale

Gucci showed their latest collection at Milan fashion week, and it was beautiful. While it was hard to choose favourites, someone has to do the dirty work. 

1. This khaki-colour suit with the house stripes screams branding, but it’s the less than subtle brand boldness that makes it immediate. It’s also it’s a day suit, because wearing a logo-tee is for kids. Wearing a mega-branded suit is fabulous.

Branded fabulous

2. This proposition for a double-breasted a-line trench coat and exaggerated lapels looks smart and feels new. The studded track pants, though barely visible from the coat length, will ignite emotional tugs at the wallet globally. Turban headband trend officially starts now.

The trench is back

3. Denim cutoffs and a low hanging tank top, cut from an oversize t-shirt, is still probably the official hipster summer uniform. However, when a crystalized full body suit is worn underneath, these are the fashion moments we live for. No question that this look has wallpapered social media. As mentioned before, it’s these fashion moments that we live for.

The high fashion hipster uniform

4. This is the only look to go down the runway without any accessories – no glasses, head pieces, or statement hair. There were no styling tricks to distract from the beauty of this dress. The sweetest shade of baby pink, innocently plunging neckline, sleeves sculpted and defined by graphic black trim, and a peppering of little black bows creates pure magic. There is going to be a catfight for this dress for red carpet dressing, no doubt.

Feminine elegance

5. It’s hard to put a finger on exactly one reason why this dress made the list. Possibly the nostalgic quality, or the various paisley and lurex floral print patch-working with firefly embroidery, or the prairie reference with the sculpted shoulder. Whatever it is, this dress is one that will never tire. 

Eclectic perfection

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