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Supreme SS17 Full Lookbook and Preview Highlights

Feb 13, 2017

Supreme®/BMI® Measuring Tape

Yesterday, Supreme released their preview and lookbook for the coming SS17 drop, and announced that they'll be rolling out the pieces from 23 February, 2017. 

In no particular order, here are some of our top pics from the collection. 

1. Sade Tee

A fan favourite, the Sade collaboration tee pays homage to the singer's immense influence on R&B and soul. Expect this one to sell out in nanoseconds, and then reappear on eBay for a pretty penny. 

Sade Tee

2. Supreme®/CashCannon® Money Gun

Supreme Brick: meet your match. 

Supreme®/CashCannon® Money Gun

3. Supreme®/Coleman™ CT200U Minibike

Money Gun: now you meet your match. 

Supreme®/Coleman™ CT200U Minibike

4. Obama Anorak and Pant

To commemorate Barack Obama’s two-term presidency, Supreme gives you the option to drape yourself in the former Commander in Chief. Comes in red and green.

Obama Anorak

5. Cowboy Denim Work Jacket

All cotton with a full zip, the denim cowboy-print jacket exudes a western film aesthetic with its semi-washed look. Original artwork by Jim Krantz.

Cowboy Denim Work Jacket

6. Reflective Half-Zip Pullover

A water-resistant, full 3M jacket with branded front? A must cop. 

Reflective Half-Zip Pullover

7. Supreme MTA MetroCard

New Yorkers can now swipe with swag. Comes loaded with two fares. 

Supreme MTA MetroCard

8. Stripe Hooded Sweatshirt

Funky font and bold stripe design make this a top choice for those feeling the nostalgic aesthetic.  

Supreme MTA MetroCard

9. Don’t be a Dick Crewneck

Speaks for itself. Comes in 7 colours.

Don't be a Dick Crewneck

Check out the full preview and lookbook

For those new to Supreme, this Reddit guide has everything you need to know.

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