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Supreme’s Novelty Money Gun Takes Over Instagram

Apr 24, 2017

Money talks. Photo via Instagram @aripetrou

Supreme’s CashCannon Money Gun is the New York brand’s most interesting novelty piece of SS17, though we’re still waiting on that Minibike to drop. The currency shooter dropped last week on a routine Thursday morning and obviously, it sold out immediately, before flooding Instagram.

Needless to say, the CashCannon Money Gun does what it promises: it shoots money (note: it also shoots fake money, for all the broke bois out there/people who generally just don’t want to ‘make it rain’ with their hard earned cash). Posts like this, ​this or this have so far been our favourite.

This isn’t the first time the streetwear brand has come out with something absurd, in fact - it’s a tradition. Check out some of their other drops here and here.

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