Stella McCartney Spotlights Yan Sishi (Fil Xiaobai) in One City, One Girl Campaign - Hashtag Legend

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Stella McCartney Spotlights Yan Sishi (Fil Xiaobai) in One City, One Girl Campaign

Jan 06, 2017

Photo courtesy of Stella McCartney

It’s that time again. Stella McCartney’s One City, One Girl is back in full urban glory, this time in vibrant Shanghai, an iteration that sees streetwise Chengdu-born stylist, blogger and artist Yan Sishi (Fil Xiaobai) sporting ever-chic and sustainable Stella McCartney’s Spring 2017 collection. Yan hit the fashion radar via a daily ‘street map’ blog on Weibo in 2009 and has been called the “youngest It girl in China” by fashion photographer and blogger Tommy Ton. Yan shares some of her favourite haunts, tells us what she loves so much about Shanghai, and of course, her very stellar wares.

How did you get in to fashion and styling, and what do you love about it?

I participated in a street style competition and won first place. The prize was to go to fashion week, and it all started from there. I love that I get to meet new people everyday, working together to create something new. It’s always different, always changing.

Do you have any style rules?

My style is, ‘No Rules!’

How long have you lived in Shanghai and what makes the city so special to you?

I’ve only properly lived here since August. I lived in Beijing for a while, and find Shanghai very different. I originally come from Chengdu in the south of China, and I feel more at home here in Shanghai. The food, the weather, the people! It’s a very chic city and the people are very stylish.

Where do you go to have fun in the city?

The underground nightclubs, Shelter or Akham.

To someone who has never been to Shanghai, what would you suggest to do?

Haha! Eat!... and go to the Bund.

You travel a lot with work, where is your favourite place in the world and why?

It has to be Tokyo! The shopping, the city, the people, the cleanliness. I love every aspect of it.

Photo courtesy of Stella McCartney

As well as your ever-evolving sense of style you’re also known for your ever-changing hair styles? How many colours and styles do you think you’ve had?

I think I must have tried just about every colour in the rainbow. Now that I am getting older I don’t change my hair as often any more. The memory is great though.

Do you have a favourite look from the shoot, and why?

I loved the landscape printed dress, it’s very special. It looked beautiful on the bridge where we shot it. I also loved the metallic gold heels!

Tell us something no one knows about you?

In private I am pretty lazy with my style and my make-up and am completely different to how people see me.

Photo courtesy of Stella McCartney

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