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Instagram is loving Starbucks Korea's Avocado Blended

Jul 05, 2018

The drink is designed to look like a freshly sliced avocado. Photo: Starbucks Korea

For all of you avocado lovers out there, Starbucks Korea has just unveiled their latest trend worthy beverage: the “Avocado Blended.” Unfortunately for those of us outside of Korea, the drink is a region-exclusive treat so far, meaning that the rest of us will simply have to enjoy the Avocado Blended vicariously through what is sure to be a barrage of Instagram posts coming out of Korea.

The seasonal South Korea exclusive is the perfect beverage for the upcoming warm summer months, and is even decorated with all the essential anatomical elements of a real avocado: a dark green “peel” lines the outside edge of the beverage, and a chocolate “pit” even sits on the surface.

The Avocado Blender is the perfect summer treat (photo: @rosa031122)

According to Popsugar, the Avocado Blended is the revised edition of a drink unveiled way back in 2015. The additions of the dark green peel rim and chocolate ornament are what set the Avocado Blended apart from its 2015 counterpart.

Unveiled alongside the Avocado Blended, Starbucks has also announced the arrival of “Cool Pineapple Fizzio,” a cold pineapple refreshment—another perfect summer drink.

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